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    Thread: Audio Aid Repository

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      Audio Aid Repository

      I've gotten a lot of messages asking me about my and other audio files. Seems like they are hard to find and most of the threads dealing with audio files are full of dead links. I promise that as long as I'm moderating, this thread will always have live links.

      Another plus to this repository is that I'm only including audio files in which the threads have replies that they've actually worked to induce a lucid dream.

      I'll break this thread up into two parts:

      Subliminal Audio
      These files are meant to be listened to before bed. They have hidden or encrypted messages in them that are inserted into your mind and get decoded during dreams, which causes you to think about lucidity and do a reality check.

      I did a large study on this to make my audio files more effective.
      The Theory
      The Study

      Here are the current Subliminal Audio Files:
      Subliminal Lucid 1.0
      Subliminal Lucid 2.0
      Subliminal Lucid 3.0
      Subliminal Recall

      EILD Audio
      Electronically Induced Lucid Dream was coined by Dr. LaBerge for a lucid dream brought about by external signals from a sound or his Nova Dreamer. These are designed to be listened to while you are sleeping, you can have them loop all night or have something turn them on at a certain time when you are in REM.

      You should hear the sounds in your dream and recognize it as external to your dream reality.

      Here are the current EILD files:
      Lucid Remix - by phoenelai
      The Ultimate Lucid Dream Induction - by Really

      *Note: Please PM dead links or new files to a staff member (preferably me)
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