Hi everyone,

Letís start off by saying I have never actually had a night mare or dream that has driven me to the point where I need to discuss it.
The first time this dream occurred was last Thursday; it was the first time I slept in my apartment by myself. (My girlfriend was visiting family) I was lying down in my bed and my mind was racing with thoughts of tasks I need to complete and bills that have to be paid, etc. So I never recall falling asleep. As my mind was racing it happenedÖI heard pulsing vibrations and was immediately immobilized. The best way for me to describe the immobilization is to compare it to how Magneto from x-men could freely move Wolverineís body because it was metal. Like I said, itís the best way I can describe it. Anyway, I could see clearly my room; everything was identical to how it should be which makes feel it wasnít even a dream. I saw a black orb suspended in mid air and I was being forced to cross my arms and be pushed into a corner. It levitated out of my bed and began making more intense vibrations and it increased the resistance that was on my body. I struggle to make a noise and free myself from the grasp and itís just too hard. (The noise I make is like if I were under water trying to talk.) Eventually I shout aloud and it completely sets me free and the orb disappears. I should mention that being immobilized is probably my greatest fear. I felt threatened by this orb, but somehow it was able to influence my thought process into feeling ok and to let it basically consume me but I understand what its trying to do and I rebel harder than ever and thatís when I escape.
Now, last night it happened again, with my girlfriend in bed with me. However, this time I did fall asleep. I got up out of bed and proceeded to my kitchen closing my bedroom door behind me. I look left first, immediately I knew that I should have looked right(I knew then and there that this immobilization was about to happen again, like I knew I was setup to come outside of the room.) and the moment I turn around I see a man. He was dressed similar to how my father would dress in the summer when he worked. Jean Shorts, tube socks and shoes. My father passed away four years ago. However I could not see a face. Immediately after that millisecond of seeing that figure I was immobilized identically as the previous dream and the same sounds were there, the vibration and pulsating. I struggled to fight off the resistance and hold by trying to hit my bedroom door and make noises so my girlfriend would wake up. I eventually open the door and get her attention. She looks at me still half asleep, I canít make a sound and im holding on to the door hinge, I decide to let go with both hands so that she could see me being dragged down the hall. It worked, she comes out and then I wake up.
Please any insight into these dreams would be of great help, Im starting to fear going to sleep and I want to put an end to this.