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      Something a bit different for me

      I only show up on this board when I have somewhat a significant lucid experience. I post just to put in to words what I experienced the night before so I can find it again someday (I don't keep journals or anything). This post is more to remind me of what happened, but feel free to read and share your thoughts about it if you like.

      Last night, I had the longest and somewhat the most confident experience yet. I was lucid for over 2 hours, although it was broken up by about 6 breaks where I woke up and feel right back in. This time I didn't have very many powers, but I did have some. I tested them and could not fly, but I could move objects at will and could influence other people to do what I wanted. I remember specifically, making some objects sitting on a table fly off the table to my hand and I grabbed them. I also insisted that any car that I chose to get into (yes, steal) would have the keys in the visor. I wanted a Lamborghini or Ferrari, I couldn't make any of those show up in the parking lot. I was quite disappointed that none of them showed up. Only a bunch of crap cars and vans. I did find something of a beefed up classic muscle car (Mustang, I think) and got in it. Sure enough, the keys were in the visor. Funny how I can force some things to happen, but not others.

      I met up with some hot chick and we just kept going places and hanging around others (made out a little, too - why does my real life of not being able to get them in to bed roll over into my dream life?). We were always on the move as if we were going somewhere, but we didn't have any plans. Every time I got bumped out of a dream and got back in, the first few minutes were more intense. I savored at how clear I could read newspapers and looked at tiny details and textures. I never noticed small stuff in dreams, so that's a big thing for me in lucid dreams.

      There's also something else that seemed a bit strange. Going in to some dreams required a bit of effort. At the threshold of going in, I heard sounds first, but could not see anything. Visuals took longer to appear. But at some points, I knew I might be in a dream (but might not be) and decided to start speaking, not knowing if I would be speaking aloud (in real life) or in the dream. Each of those times, I was in the dream and realized I was. Taking the initiative to speak actually brought me in to the dream a little quicker. Being on the border of a waking state and a dream state is extremely weird and sometimes scary.

      It was a strange night. At times I was fully aware that I was in a dream. Even though I knew what I was capable of feats such as flying or radically modifying situations, I couldn't do many of the things I knew I could. But I was able to do something that I have not been able to before: go for over 2 hours. I can't recall everything that happened. Most of it wasn't very interesting. But the wonder of being in a dream and knowing it was wonder enough. All this and I wasn't even trying to make it happen. If I had some plans and maybe some training, it would have been more interesting. I find this a little bit of a personal victory because I gained a bit of self control. Most of my lucid dreams are very short and they may have been more intense, but this one didn't just show up and slip through my fingers. I held on to it for quite a while.

      It's also notable that I have rejected a couple potential lucid experiences recently because they seemed like they might be frightening or my mom would show up and ruin the fun. A couple of them, I heard some scary noises and decided not to let myself go for them. And couple weeks ago, I was hoping to score with a chick in a lucid dream, but I heard my mom knocking at my front door and calling my name. I said to myself: aww crap. She's gonna show up and ruin it. Ditch the dream and just go to sleep. So I did.
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