I am posting this thread to detail two interesting powers that I attained in my last lucid dream. (I have been had 5 now within my first month, quite exciting) I also am including a (in my opinion) funny dream-blockade to becoming fully lucid in a different dream.

Not sure how I became lucid. I was in my parents house. I wondered if I could make the "hand of flame", a term I have given to the power to ignite fires with one's hand. I tried with my right hand, putting it in front of myself, open. Nothing happened. I flexed my arm and I became invisible. When I flexed again I returned to being visible. I tried with my left hand and when I flexed my hand ignited. I went around lighting objects on fire by thrusting my hand from the 'gasping claw' to fully open and looking at my target. I was igniting clocks when I came to my parents living room. My father was sitting on his rocking chair. I thrust out my left and and became invisible and walked through the room. I ignited the clock and swiftly walked outside. I ignited their neighbor's house too. After I had finished, my father came outside to see who started the fire. I hid in the grass and tried to make myself invisible. (I believe it is then that I lost the lucidity and was lost in the dream plot.)
- I thought they were interesting powers; as were the way in which they worked.

In a different dream two days before, I believe I had awoken in between REM cycles. Upon dozing off, I was standing on a pathway of leaves. I knew that I was dreaming. However, I, for some reason, told myself that I was to go deeper into the dream before I was to realize that I was dreaming or else I would awake from the light sleep and loose lucidity. Upon this demand to go "deeper", I began to descend that pathway of green leaves, 'down' into the dream. I kept telling myself that I must not test myself to see if I was dreaming until I have gone deeper. Nonetheless, I decided that I had descended deep enough and I performed a reality check (I checked my watch). Upon doing so I confirmed that I was dreaming and emerged into a lighter state of sleep with external awareness and out of the dream world.
- I believed the symbolism that my mind created between descending into the dream and down a pathway was intriguing. However, my tendency to deny being lucid until I have performed a reality check, often causing me to wake, is merely frustrating. This brings me to a side question: "Does anyone find themselves being aware of being in a dream but insisting that a reality check must be done before becoming fully lucid? (Even if this reality check often causes one to wake...) If so, how can this be remedied?

*In case anyone should be interested: I am considering myself to begin a dream journal on this site. (I have a personal journal on Microsoft 2010 OneNote, I highly recommend it if anyone is searching for something to use)