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      Finally a DILD, figured after I took a multivitamin before bed.

      I went through a number of dreams last night without getting lucid until I finally just kinda appeared in a beautiful place, it was some kind of old city made of stone, it felt like rome or something, there were gardens everywhere, small rivers going through the city with beautiful stone bridges going over them. I was walking down a street of cobblestone when I saw Dr. Cuddy from the show House. The door of the bar she was in was just wide open, and she was dressed in some really kinky outfit, she was whipping this customer and I guess they were having a good old time.

      I walked back outside and stood there for a minute, as my dream became more vivid, the feeling was very distinct as things were becoming clear, I recognized this transition doesnt happen in real life. So that was my reality check, and I engaged all my 5 senses and locked myself in to my lucidity, explored the town. My thoughts were completely uninterrupted, I thought about anything I wanted without losing my lucidity, I even tried to see how hard it would be to get out of the dream, but never woke up. (I also tried to conjure electricity out of my hands.. but it didnt work. : (

      Finally I remembered what I read on this site, I wanted to find my dream guide. I found a mirror on one of the buildings, and looked in to it, I saw myself as clear as can be. I asked, "where is my dream guide?" But nothing happened, I turned away from the mirror and announced it louder. I was then no longer in a city, but in a room, an empty room with florescent lighting, but the lights were old and flickering. I saw a couch and a TV, both were old. I walked in to the room and still couldnt find my dream guide, I announced it again and turned around. The mirror was behind me again, and I saw myself, I then walked in through the mirror and was now inside it and I could no longer hear, the same feeling you get when youre underwater. And I heard a laugh that was mocking me.

      Then the dream ended.

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      Well done. I do not think the multivitamin made a difference.

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      nice ^^ keep up the good work
      From my rotting body,
      flowers shall grow
      and I am in them
      and that is eternity.
      -Edvard Munch

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