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      I just had my first lucid dream!!! it started off like this:

      Dreaming I was living in an apartment in the city with my boyfriend Scott, he had a friend over. They were chatting and I was there too, was very vague and I was a bit breathless (I am getting over a cold in real life) and I couldn't clear my throat and was constantly trying to without success. I think I was annoying Scott's friend who said to me "You're a ghost" I was really pissed off about this and I think I actually woke up or perhaps had a false awakening. I woke up in my dream, in bed, back in our ďapartmentĒ in the city and everything was now a bit less vague. Our bed was on a verandah that stuck out on the main street and there were lots of people walking past. I was quite self-conscious and remember thinking how crap it was our bed was in such a public spot!

      I saw a guy or maybe two brothers and three of their girlfriends walk past, I knew all of these characters, I have dreamt about them quite a bit before but not familiar with them in waking life. Then I was inside our apartment. It was now my mums place but again it looked different and there were heaps of people over. It was a party with my friends and mum's friends, my 3 cats were also there. A lady with red hair arrived she had a white/yellow pet python who seemed very smart and was very curious and frightened at the same time. One of my cats started attacking at the python and I put all the cats outside. Then I was dreaming for quite a while guess I was socialising at this party before I thought I should pick up a big kitchen knife that was lying around and put it in the kitchen. Wading through all the people I playfully had the knife held over my head and to get through everyone. When I got back to the kitchen the cats were now friendly with the snake (I think I had arranged this earlier) and I returned to the party for what seemed a while but donít know what i was doing.

      When i returned back to the kitchen the next time I found the snake had been murdered, he had been chopped up into 2 inch pieces. I was devastated, and picked up the snakes head and laid down with it patting him and talking to him until he died. He seemed to die quite peacefully. Then i am not sure if I woke up and went back to the dream but the next thing i remember i was talking with one of the male guests, who I am not familiar with and I struggled for a second before finally spitting out "I am dreaming" seemed like everything became much more vivid once I had finally acknowledged this fact and I was ecstatic, but felt quite self-conscious blurting this out mid conversation! The guy looked at me quite strangely but he just kept talking, and I thought who is this guy? Why I am talking to him? And I turned toward the kitchen to find someone else to tell. My auntie Louise was there talking to a bunch of people and i blurted out to her "Auntie Louise this is a dream, I am dreaming!!" she was in a playful mood and was just laughing! I did a somersault off the kitchen counter but she still was in her own world and she literally ran off laughing! I thought I was not going to chase her but just then my boyfriend was moving in my real bed and i woke up!!

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      Congratulations on having your first lucid dream. I'm sure you'll always remember it.

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      Sounds amazing!, can't wait till I have one.

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