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    Thread: First DILD?

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      First DILD?

      I stood upon the roof of my apartment yesterday with some friends, and we were chased down by some men for reasons I could not recall. Without hesitating some of my friend went down a drainpipe, which seamed pretty safe to descent from.

      I hesitated and wanted to go last.

      A buddy that started climbing down, bursted into laughter for some reason and lost his grip. I couldnít bear to look down, afraid of seeing his death before me.

      I suddenly looked at my wrist and asked myself if I was dreaming. I have several festival wristbands, and the ones on my hand werenít the right ones. I realized I was dreaming and was overcome with joy, I looked over the ledge and saw my mate lying down, unharmed. I quickly forgot that I was in a dream and my dream just went on as any other dream.

      Iíve always had pretty vivid dreams, and was always interested in trying to remember them better. There are some of them that I remember quite good - but I never actually realized that I was dreaming at the time.

      For the past week Iíve been looking at my wristbands a couple of times everyday during the day with the question: ďAm I dreaming?Ē. This has slipped into my dream yesterday with success. It was only for a short period though, as I quickly forgot I realized i was dreaming. But the realization of being in a dream was pretty intense.

      Any advice on how I can extent my lucid dream experience to more than just a fragment?

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      O, okay i just had to do that. But you knew you were dreaming, so yes you were lucid, 'grats
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