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      Smile First Lucid and Questions About Control

      Hello After many months trying I had my first fully lucid dream around 6-9, I used the wbtb method.Because of being unsuccesful in the past I couldn't really accept that I was lucid at first. But I did become lucid and loved it

      I just have few questions:

      1. I attempted to fly and I could get in the air but I could only move really slowly and everything was blurry. Any tips on flight?

      2. I also atempted to run fast, like sonic, so that i could get to places quicker. i did it once for a short distence but couldn't do it again

      3. any advice on summoning people you know?

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      Congrats. Running fast isn't a good idea at first, your brain needs to struggle to keep up with imagery at that speed, it's like a computer, it has a speed limit. I use my arms like wings to fly, try that.

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