Most nights I have a quick look on this site to get me in the lucid dreaming mindset, but i'm always seeing people say how they are in a dry spell, struggling with dream control or unable to lucid. I would like people to post the most positive experiences that they have got out of lucid dreaming-things that have made you gasp in wonder when you woke up. Only talk about the good bits here, thats what this thread is about

Here are the two lucid experiences that I have recently had (but old memories are just as welcome)

My first lucid which was so realistic I needed to reality check to know that I was dreaming, rather than suddenly realising. I looked around in shock and awe, literally unable to belive my eyes, amazed at how much the dream was like real life.

The second one was my first WILD. I didn't use any techniques, but was concious as I went through sleep paralisis. When my 'eyes' opened I thought I had opened them by accident and spoilt the attempt, but realised after a few seconds that I was dreaming When I woke up from the dream I did this quite literally!

So-tell me something positive!