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      What a waste of my first lucid dream

      Ok so my first LD after trying for a week was a dild. I was chasing candace off phineas and ferb and randomly decided to do a RC I could breath about 2 seconds later I saw my dream fading so i started to rubmy hands didnt work. Then i woke up in another dream my cousins were at my house again I did a rc randomly at the start Icould breathe then i got really excited and bam its gone. Luckily I woke up in yet again another dream did a rc and went and hugged my mum then it ended and I was awake.

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      Not a waste at all! Every second of lucidity is a step in the right direction. :-)
      Kemo City

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      Congratulations on your first lucid dream! And it's definitely not a waste, every and any lucid dream is any experience~
      Welcome to the forums, by the way.

      Any questions about lucid dreaming? Drop me a PM here!

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