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      Long post, bizarre experience, please read

      Ok, I'm a first time poster here, I'm a 21 yr. Old male from Saskatchewan, Canada. I apologize for the length of this post, but I had an unbelievable experience two nights ago that I need to share, in hopes of getting a few answers. Please bear with me.*
      I have been researching and attempting to practice lucid dreaming for the last year or so with some decent success. But what I experienced the other night was unlike anything I have experienced before.*
      I'll try and keep it as short as possibly without leaving out any assumably relevant details. *When I fell asleep, I had this feeling of all my 'energy' leaving my extremeties and it became concentrated in my brain. I was focusing on myself and what seemed like a short time later, I completely left my body. I was in my room, looking at myself. I had heard of out of body experiences before, but this was my first time actually experiencing one.
      *Everything around me had an 'aura' of energy. I felt like I needed this energy to get around.*
      I live with my parents and three younger siblings. I went upstairs, I had this urge to try and visit my family member's dreams. Everyone was sleeping, but their aura's were very 'weak.' I remember feeling angry that they weren't 'dreaming properly' I wanted to find someone to connect with, in my current state.

      I have a step brother, we'll call him James. And he is the one that turned me onto lucid dreaming about a year ago. I knew for some reason that I had to try and find him. He lives about a mile away from me, on an acreage just outside of town. I remember focusing intently on his house. This felt physically exhausting, I was using everything I had to try and imagine his house, and more so, his room.
      I started walking to his house, and it seemed easier, the closer I got, geographically. *When I could finally see his house, I focused harder, and was inside without actually having walked there. They had 2 televisions on, which also displayed a type of aura, but it was very negative and I felt I had to stay away from them. I walked downstairs into his room, and he was 'glowing'. His 'aura' ( I call it this for a lack of a better word, I can only describe it as colored, or white energy, that appeared as light. I was so proud of him, so glad that he had so much energy around him. I couldn't get close to him at first, I felt like I was going to wake him up.
      He had music playing from his computer, which was a positive feeling aura. ( the screen itself felt negative, but the music was overpowering it) I feel that I used the energy to 'enter' his dream. It was a very unpleasant feeling at first, I felt like I didn't belong there, and he was hostile towards me.*
      I felt like I needed to let him know it was me, as we are very close in our physical lives. I remember becoming exhausted at my efforts to get him to recognize me. I felt like he was in too deep of a sleep, so I trade to wake James up. He did start to wake up, but his aura was fading fast, and I knew that was not good. I left his room and went into the hallway. What seemed like a short time later, he walked out of his room too, and I was so excited to see him, in dream, or spirit form or whatever, he still didn't seem to recognize me. He was dreaming of a cat in his basement, which is what he thought was in his room, I remember trying to scream at him and let him know it was me, but he was set on this cat. *I used what energy I had left to change the cat's face into my own face, in hopes of him snapping out of it, and realizing it was me. He said he was chasing a cat, and i turned to him and said, "oh, you mean that cat with my face?" he seemed very confused, and his aura was fading, and he returned to his room. I was so frustrated. At this point, I was feeling very weak, and I knew I had to stop what I was doing. I went back to his room, and his aura was gone. I had to find my way back to my house, which I'm not sure how I did, but the last thing I remember was looking at my body again, and then waking up.*

      If you're still reading, thank-you. I played this weird dream off as just that, a weird dream. Until last night when he texted me and said he had a crazy dream last night. *He said he woke up to what felt like someone pulling on his arm, and his arm was straight in the air and cold. Then he said he fell back asleep, when he heard a cat come into his room. In his dream he said he chased the cat into the hallway, where he saw me. He described his dream and it matched up with what I had experienced, from the point of him meeting up with me in the hall, and he even remembered this cat's face changing into mine.*
      I still haven't told him, or anyone else about this dream, at the risk of sounding crazy, but it's all I can think about ever since he told me. It's like I visited him in my dream.*

      I woke up that morning physically exhausted, as though I had actually walked the two miles, to and from his house. Which I know is not the case.*

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      That's cool and everything, but I don't personally believe that people can share dreams. Even if everything you described is true, I still think it is a coincidence. A lot of times when I have dreams certain details are very foggy in my memory when I wake up, and if I'm inclined to believe in a certain detail, then I might just convince myself that such a thing happened in my dream, even if it didn't. Are you sure you didn't egg him on or suggest certain details about his dream while texting with him? Maybe that whole event itself was a dream you had and didn't realize it.

      By the way, whats with all the asterisks?

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      That was my first thought as well, but I didn't lead him on at all, and didn't even mention my dream. I agree with you, it must be impossible to truly visit someone else in their dreams, but it was such a real experience.
      As for the asterisks, I typed that up on my phone, and they just showed up when I posted.

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