Ive always been aware of lucidity and how to obtain it during the dream state, but ive never really attempted any kind of initiation or had it happen. Last night I was reading a book called The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, awesome book! (If you havent read it, which im sure most of you have, you should definately grab it.) I just finished the chapter that lightly covered lucid dreaming and how it is related to the holographic model and decided to pass out. I didnt attempt a WILD, just told myself I loved myself and everything this universe is, and fell asleep quite quickly. The only part that was very lucid was right at the end of my dream, but Im going to tell you most of what I remember about my dream because it was so hilarious I woke up laughing! oiololol.

In the early stages of the dream all i remember is being at my old house i used to live in 10 years ago, packing my backpack games and clothes, and stuffing my pockets with my favorite necklace i wear now, and a few assorted gemstones. Then I proceeded to sneak out of my house, walked to the driveway and stole my fathers utility truck that he used to repair cable on. The next part i remember is being back at my same old house, doing the same exact thing, only with a friend i couldnt recognize. He said something to my mother (who commited suicide when I was 10) that i couldnt remember, and jokingly i laughed " DONT TALK SHIT ON MY MOTHER!" . Went back outside to steal my dads truck again. It all felt like it was the first time doing it tho. But for some reason I wouldnt get in the truck, and as i looked to the highway, my father drove by in his new utility truck he uses today and waved at me. I dont really remember much until this next part.

I remember walking around in a casino/ airport looking building for a brief moment with a woman, Then my memory fades on that. The next thing i remember is being in a Lowe's/ Sam's Club type layout, and kindof following/ talking to what appeared to be Bryan Callen and that same woman from earlier. I grabbed the girl, ran off with her down a few aisles, and made out with here for a split second before Bryan Callen appeared and began to chase me. The next scene I, alone, came around the corner of an aisle and walked straight a bit completely calm. After walking a little ways i looked to my right, and Kate Hudson was standing in what looked like the clearance aisle, holding a pair of blue and white striped shorts at her waist. As i walked up to her, she said "I wear a 14" and we both looked down at the size of the pants, the label said SIZE 0.9. She looked up at me all innocently and said " Do you think I could wear them?" and smiled, then we instantly started making out hard OLOLOL.

Next thing I remember is following her to the garden section, and we proceeded to make love on the floor. A few seconds late BRYAN CALLED showed up and started running at us. Instead of putting my clothes back on, (we were fully nude now) I picked her up and took off sprinting, with her wrapped around my neck, still on my manhood. As i ran the motion from it continued to please her, and no matter how fast Bryan ran, I could always run way faster LOL. Needless to say i felt like a complete badass. Eventually Bryan Callen morphed into Joe Rogan and it got a little scarier. After running and love making for a while we got to the two last aisles, and as i looked to my left, Joe Rogan was now Ben Stiller, with this croc- hunter outfit and long black dread locks pulled back by a red tie. He stopped, jumped around, made direct eye contact with me and screamed. AAAAAAAAAAAALALALLALALALALLALAA!!!. He then ripped the deck of a lawn mower of and rolled with it on his stomach, down the asile at Kate Hudson and I, still in the heroic position. I turned around and ran a few more isles down, and looked to my right and Ben Stiller was rolling HARD in the asile to my right, throwing bottles of bug repellent and randomness out of his way. He said something along the lines of " DONT WORRY PEOPLE, THE ONLY THING HES ALERGIC TO IS _____, _____, ______, BLIZZARDS, AND WALRUSES. ..haha

That part of the dream ended because I awoke laughing! It was alot funnier actually witnessing the dream that it would be reading a half-assed report about it tho lol.


I fell back asleep and in that brief moment i was staring at a youtube listing of videos. All of the videos were of the guitarist Tosin Abasi, and all of the little windows were playing random videos of him, looking snazzy in some random outfits and guitars (youd understand if youve seen him). I was scolling down the page, with my mind i guess, but as i was going down, I had the thought to scroll up. It was hard to do, but i eventually got it to flick up, and then back down, and then up once more. About that time i realized what was happening, that i was dreaming. And awoke abruptly.

It was the best dream of my life.