It's been a while since I've posted on here;

So hey everyone!

I started attempting lucid dreaming a little less than a year from today, and have had mediocre success. My first lucid was about 3 weeks after I first started trying, and it wasn't the greatest experience (I got so excited I shot up into the sky and exploded, lasting about 3 seconds of lucidity). My second was okay, but it happened over summer, and I was lacking dream recall (stopped writing in my journal) so I honestly cannot remember what is was about. I know that it was my first successful "flying without exploding" experience, and I used the "rubbing your hands together" method for stability. but I remember thinking it was dumb. I had a few more random mediocre lucids throughout the summer, all of which I didnt write down.

However, this last week I have had amazing lucidity. I dont kow if it has to do with my new sleeping schedule (11:30 - 6:30; 8am classes all week as a junior in college ha..) but they have been really vivid and have made an impact on my overall mood.

I was about half way through the "Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming" book by Stephen LaBerge last year, and decided to read it every night before bed this semester. (Great book btw) and also a good thing to keep in mind when reading this post is that I just recently reviewed the DEILD method where you wake up from a lucid/non-lucid dream and go right back to sleep with the intention of becoming lucid, and decided to try this.

I had one lucid dream on wednesday (not a great dream but I at least remember it), where I was on campus and was running late for class. For some reason I was eating lunch with the professor of that class? But he told me to hurry and I ran outside the building we were in to see a large construction fence blocking my path (the entire campus was different from what it actually looks like, but somehow my unconcious still managed to convince me it was real). This fence seriously was like military grade, 30 ft tall with barbed wire on the top. There were 3 or 4 hills behind it with more fences. I thought making it too class was more important though so I attempted to climb it, but this lady police officer caught me! She freaked out and said shes calling another cop to come pick me up. So I decided to run, and made it home (my home in my hometown, which is like 4 hours from campus, but I got there in like 3 minutes lol). Running home was a blurry event in the dream. It was really weird when I was home, my parents/siblings/dog were all gone. It was night time and I was by myself. It felt like a nightmare was about to start so I went back downstairs to exit the front door. I went to put on my shoes by the door and noticed the shoelaces were taken out. My unconscious told me my little brother stole them for his shoes which I of course believed at first. I got really scared and thought something was going to chase me, and I had no shoes, but then I realized... So it's not too exciting but that's when it hit me that I was dreaming. I usually do the "hold your nose and try to breathe through it" RC, but I was so sure I was dreaming that I skipped RC's altogether. Now you guys might not find this too exciting but I ended up flying around my hometown, and looking down at my school and various friends houses. It's like I was on google maps, and it was so accurate but also so much more realistic. I landed on a trail that I know of in the woods to find a couple of my friends riding quads. I snapped my fingers to make it light outside (first-time success in that) and tried to conjure my ex-gf, from like 3 yrs ago, to talk to her (idk why, she always ends up in my dreams though) but it didn't work. It was a really chill experience overall though. But that was just an appetizer to last night!

Last night I ended up having 4-5 lucid dreams, all with different scenes and characters and plots. It was so crazy that I am convinced to buckle down and do this Dream journal thing I have been putting off.
In these dreams I had done my first 1.) spawning 2.)scene change 3.)stabilizing 4.) looking at myself in a mirror.

Now I definitely have to give credit to the DEILD method for having this many lucids in one night. It started out with a normal dream, I was in my moms room and there was this oldschool heater in the front of the room that broke. It made this long "psssshhh" noise and was spraying steam out. The floor (Carpet) began to heat up and melt, and the melting was spreading throughout the room, as if the entire floor was going to give out. We ran out of the room and screamed for my step dad, and I then I woke up.
Whether it was a false awakening or not, I remembered that tonight I wanted to attempt DEILD, and went back to sleep. I am pretty sure that this was the first lucid:

I was with some friends in a car at night, driving through some city, I have no idea where, but we stopped at a gas station. I was in the gas station looking around the drink section when I noticed it was stocked with 4-loko (for those of you who don't know, it's a highly caffeinated beverage with alcohol) and I knew something was wrong. I knew I was in PA, and in PA you can only buy alcohol at beer distributors/liquor stores. SO boom. Lucid. This was my first lucid of the night and I dont remember much, but I know I ended up at a party at my best friends house..There were tons of people there and I knew I was dreaming which made it so much cooler. I tried not to get oo excited bc I didn't want to wake up. So i passively observed my friends and the party...they pretty much acted like they would in real life. I knew I was dreaming but there were a few instances where I lost lucidity bc of how real it was...I unfortunately dont remember the end of this dream :/.

But I do remember waking up and knowing that I am going to lucid dream again. I remember this awakening because I successfully WILD'd when I was trying to DEILD. I created a new dream, I was in a house from Oblivion (an elder scrolls video game) on top of a mountain. I remember how amazing everything looked, and it was more colorful than usual. I dont think I was lucid at first, and I dont remember any RC's or anything, but I somehow figured it out and once again focused my goal on conjuring my ex-gf from 3 years ago. For some reason I either knew, or thought that I knew, that I was in too complex of an environment to accurately re-create her, and that I needed to simplify my dream. Likewise, I spun around and pictured myself in a small blank room. I ended up in a bathroom with no doors or stalls. I told myself, when I turn around she will be there. Needless to say I turned around and she was there. I don't remember what we talked about but we did laugh. alot. I never fully turned around though, I would turn my head around to see her, say something, and then turn my head back to facing forward. Eventually when I faced forward again, there was a mirror. At first I didn't see anything in the reflection. So i looked back down at the floor and looked up again. I looked normal at first, but my face started distorting itself. My ex-gf dissapeared as well. I didn't like this. In fact I hated it so much that i decided to bust out of the doorless bathroom, so I flew straight into the air.
I am pretty sure this is another DEILD, but it might actually be me flying from the last scene. This was actually an awesome experience though. I ended up landing at my apartment from the college i went too last year, and all of my friends were in the parking lot. I landed behind the apartment complex across the street so they wouldnt see me and wonder why I was flying. I ran up to them and they were surprised to see me, as I was excited just for the fact I knew I was dreaming. I told them "Guess what!" and they replied "WHat?!" I said "I'm Dreaming!" They didn't really respond, so I figured i needed to convince them. I tried flying to show them but I couldnt fly so I decided to pretend I have a jetpack. I ended up taking off and heard them laughing as I flew away.

Woke up again. This time for sure. I went through sleep paralysis when I was entering the next dream. I flitered into a scene in which I was working at my internship over the summer. The office layout was nothing like it was supposed to be. It didn't matter though because I already knew I was dreaming. So I started thinking of what I could do to have fun. There was this other intern I worked with who I always thought was cute, so I thought I would try my chances and see if she wanted to leave work early to go hang out. She thought it was a good idea! We said we'd sneak out and go see a movie or something. But my unconscious decided that this was our last day working there for the summer as interns, and that the other employees wanted to give us presents and thank us for working for them over the summer, so me and this girl that I want to take out are trying to escape from all these hugs. She makes it out the door. I end up being delayed, as there was this really old lady who gave me the longest hug in the world. By the time I got outside she was gone! I was mad, but at the same time I still knew I was dreaming, so I went to look for this other girl that I have been talking to recently to see if she wanted to hang out (I mustve really been in the mood to hang out with girls) but I ended up conjuring her somehow/meeting her somewhere (I dont remember exactly where and how!) but we laid down watching a movie and cuddled. It made me feel really nice, and although I knew it was a dream, that's all I wanted to do until I actually woke up (I think i was "Lucidly Exhausted" LOL) but thats what we did. And I woke up in the greatest mood ever.

There was a lot more to this series of dreams that I know I left out, but I wanted to sum it up so I didnt type any more than I already did. But the experience felt like it was hours long, and since there were multiple scenes it felt like a few days all in one night. DEILD is the way to go for me, and I hopefully will have at least a couple every night for now on!