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      CLOSER but not yet 100% - am I on the right path atleast?

      After a very busy weekend and lots of partying...I ended up a bit dehydrated and tired as hell yesterday and figured I would not be able to LD due to the fact that I was sooooo tired and just needed some sleep for the days work today. But all worked out alright in the end. I kept waking up due to the fact that I needed to get water into my system for my speedy recovery and without even thinking about LD at around 4 o clock I woke up and just layed there thinking about the work I need to accomplish today. So at 05:03 my alarm went off. (I set 3 alarms each day to wake up and go back to sleep for 10 minutes until I HAVE TO get up). Well. to make a long story short. I have been practicing the "am I awake?" "is this a dream?" test for a few days now and this morning between my 10minute alarm set offs. I finally did it. I was Lucid. although it only felt like maybe 30 seconds where I was doing work and everything was so clear, felt so real and when I asked myself if it was just a dream, I couldnt find proof that It was a dream so I carried on digging through my work. But I chose how to open the envelopes and which ones to open first etc etc. I clearly remember me finding my pills in an envelope and then thats when it hit me. I dont EVER put my pills in a work envelope. It had to be a dream, then I thought about my pills being to little and making them more, so everytime I look in the envelope I found more and more pills. and then I woke up.

      The part about my pills makes sense because it is something I do every day. ( i have high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmia). So I hafto hafto hafto take my pills everyday. So now every time I need to take my pills I am going to ask myself "am I awake?" "is this normal?" etc etc . So I think I found my object that is more likely to pop up in my dream than anything else.Maybe if I try taking my pills differently for a week it can help again. like take them only with green cooldrink or sumthing odd. I dunno. But I will practice and see what happens

      YAY!!! to my first taste of LD in many years.


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      Heyyy congratulations!!

      And great idea, do a reality check everytime you take your pills. ~

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      Maybe it's a dream and if I scream, it will burst at the seams.

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      Well, that was some pretty good awareness. You might want to see if the pills are re-occuring in your dreams like a Dream Sign - if they are then that's even better for becoming lucid more often.
      It's really cool how you didn't just abolish the idea of being in a dream but instead kept looking for any flaws. That's GREAT! The more skeptical you are the more likely it is to become lucid.
      Good luck! I'm sure you will have some longer LDs very soon
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