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      Why do people always disappear?

      Last night I had another lucid, after one week of terrible recall

      So I was setting up some device on the TV and then I went to the kitchen, where my parents were. My father was watching TV as usual and my mother cooking I guess. I looked to the door and saw my grandmother (who passed away eight months ago) and I thought that either I was having some kind of hallucination or she was a ghost, but my mother started talking with her and in that moment I realized that I was dreaming. In this moment they all disappeared and I tried to create a portal (I tried this once but did not work and someone told me to use some device as a gun) expecting a 'portal-gun' to be on the table but I couldn't do it. I was just about to try to summon a person but I started to feel my real body and I woke up.

      The thing is that everytime I get lucid while other people are around they disappear, and I don't get why. Does this happen to anyone else?

      Btw I need to try next time I get lucid to rub my hands to see if that way the dream lasts more
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      For me it's different. It's when people disappear that i become lucid. But i don't try to summon people back. I just explore the dream. There's many thing you can do in this situations.

      Rubbing hands to stabilize the dream works very well for me. Try it.

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