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      This last night I had several lucid dreams in a row

      Well this is pretty awesome, after an annoyingly long dryspell that has lasted for almost 3 months I finally got some lucid dreams again.
      The first dream took place in an environment that felt a lot like something from Super Mario 64 - there was a big indoor pool of water and a couple islands here and there, and I found that I could actually take flight by diving and then pressing myself upwards while falling (like when you use the cape in Super Mario World), and it was a beautiful experience.
      I eventually realized that this kind of thing only happens in dreams, and rejoiced in being able to fly as much as I wanted.

      Next dream also took place in a similar environment, in a swimming pool.
      I dove into the pool and landed pretty hard on my head, and then I heard a beautiful girl coming up to me and feeling concerned about me, then smiled and embraced me.
      I found it pretty weird that a girl I didn't know would just walk up and put her arms around me like that, but I did the same to her and told myself "heh, I must be dreaming again".

      The last dream was probably the most vivid one, and it started out in a place very similar to my university.
      I read a warning sign on a wall and the text felt pretty unnatural for some reason, and then I looked at it again and it suddenly said something completely different.
      I still felt in doubt though, since the dream was so realistic, so I did the same test on a first-aid sign, and instead of the typical + sign it had a - sign, which then suddenly changed back into a + sign, almost as if the dream were trying to delude me or something.
      But at that point I was completely sure I was dreaming, and I decided to try flying again - and then I woke up.

      This was beautiful, and it made me feel really good when I woke up.
      I believe one reason for this sudden great LD frequency is because I have decided to plot the number of dreams I have each month, like Stephen LaBerge did during his dissertation study, so it is no doubt a motivation booster.
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