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      cool FA turned lucid

      I've had a handful of very cool LDs in the past - been lucid dreaming for a few years - but this one I had to share. For some reason it started with a FA - I was waking up slowly in my bedroom in the late morning, hearing the dog trot around downstairs, and everything seemed more or less normal... and then I pretty quickly realized it was a dream: I'd woken up male (I'm cis female).

      Now body modification is one of the things that are guaranteed to let me become lucid (death by falling being the other one - by now any ladder/cliff/balcony/anything that you could fall off of in the dream acts as a sign and I realize "oh, this is where it's going" and can at least wake up, if not change stuff), but this was too good to pass up. So I calmed myself down, checked myself out, gave myself a mental pat on the back and went to have some fun with that. Turned out to be a pretty long, vivid LD (prob because I was very focussed on my dream body)

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      That sounds quite cool katiemay! BUT, you didn't describe what it was like and what you thought you learned from the experience. Transposing to the opposite sex would I suppose mean you create a story based on your own perceptions. Did you just look like a guy, or did you also feel like you were one?

      Trying to see the world from other peoples perspective is quite important I believe, but an LD is probably the only way you can do a sex change without having an op!

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