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      I think my first LD by somewhat of an accident

      So I woke up at about 5:50 from the alarm I forgot to set again. So I woke up did somethings and went back to bed and I started to dream I forgot the details but I remember thinking this is a dream. Then I remembered I read something about lucid dreaming and it said to look at your hands to know that you are dreaming. (In Hindsight I should have done some things in the dream I knew I was in) So I looked at my hands and my fingers where long and crocked. Then I only remember feeling a weird mixer of fear and excitement. Then I woke up but disappointed I tried to get into the lucid state by going asleep and I started to dream again but this time it was only dark not anything but a ringing sound that grew louder and louder I thought it would stop if I made something so I started to panic and so tried to make a car could not and then I woke up. I am scared to go back that high pitched ringing really distributed me. Is that normal?

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      Yes, that ringing noise in your ears is quite normal, in fact. If you are able to notice, it is always there, 24/7. Its almost like how your mind deletes your nose from your vision most of the duration of a day. but this noise is just cluttered by other environmental noises that block it and distort it. This noise is called Tinnitus and can be cause by a handful of things, it's more than likely not a problem, physically. However, if you are worried, i suggest going to your local doctor and getting a quick physical while you describe your problem.

      Additionally, this/these sound(s) that you were hearing could also be attributed to Hypnagogia. Or, a hypnagogic state of conciousness where you are border lining on conciousness, and the loss of. In this state, people experience various pictures, phosphene actions (lights you see on back of eyelids in the dark, while eyes are closed) and various noises all changing in volume and tone, etc. Read up on Hypnagogia --> CLICK HERE (Wiki Page)

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