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    Thread: One small step for Raffifish

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      One small step for Raffifish

      I had a dream last night, where something happened that kind of made me want it to be a dream. It's not that I found anything to be too strange, I just wanted to escape a situation. And so, I did a RC. I looked intently at my hands. Each of them had six fingers. I kind of doubted my eye sight a little bit.

      Anyway, I must have gotten convinced enough because next I wanted to leave the place/change scenario. I thought, where do I go now? And I wanted to act fast, lest I should wake up before I got anywhere.

      Yeah, so the spontaneous idea for a location that popped into my head? Heaven! (It makes sense in context. I'm not religious, but I'm writing something with religious themes)

      My surroundings dissolved. It became greyishly cloudy kind of. That's the best way I can describe it. And that was it. Didn't get further than that in my attempted journey to heaven. I tried to specify: gate! But no. Did not get passed the cloudy stuff.

      I didn't even mean actual heaven (if there is such a thing), for the record. I was hoping my subconscious would cook up something fun for me.

      Then I sort half-heartedly tried to imagine myself a psychedelic pill because I've been watching videos of this person who likes to do that when she lucids. But that didn't work either... Maybe you will have had to done psychedelics in real life for it to work in the dream... If the experience is dependent on the power of imagination, I mean. But enough of that shady subject. (My interest in all that has to do with another/related writing project)

      Aaand... That was it.

      That was the furthest I've ever gotten in a (possibly) Lucid Dream. I had one earlier this year, but then I just forced myself to wake up because I got scared. The thing about that time is, I'm not even sure it happened... If that makes sense...

      Yeah. Just felt like sharing.
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      First off, congrats!

      Visiting heaven is an interesting idea. I'm not religious either but I think I'm gonna keep that one in mind.
      About the pill idea. It's a nice idea and I wouldn't say you would need to have real life experience with that to make it work in a dream. You could imagine how something like that could feel and that's all enough. Your brain is definitely able to make something happen that it thinks would result out of taking a pill like that.

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