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      Weak Lucid Dream - Strange Ending However

      I was dreaming that I was playing some game underwater and had difficulties finding a place to come up for air. After realizing that I didn't need air to breathe I came to the conclusion that I was dreaming but didn't perform any RC's. I found some grate and kept stretching it until it opened.This was about the extent of the lucidness of my dream. I tried flying through the ceiling and manipulating a few things but nothing worked. I figured I'd go to my usual LD scenario - bang some chick from high school. I couldn't get any girl to appear tho! Usually I just walk into another room and expect them to be there and wham - there they are - ready to go! There was nothing this time! Eventually some guy walked into the room and put me in handcuffs and explained that I didn't have enough lucidity to do anything so he was taking me to jail. So then I woke up - closed my eyes for a little bit - and had a dream that as I was writing in my dream journal (I hate that!) I was talking to someone (that I couldn't see) about what the dream meant. I then finally woke up and wrote it down. Weird tho..

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      I went through a frustrating period when those girl dreams didn't turn out well, to the point where I was wondering if something was wrong with me while I was awake thinking about it. I got a little bolder in my dreams since then and I've been on a lucky streak, kind of. I don't have lucids very often. Three fails in a row or two successes are a streak to me.

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