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      First posted lucid dream. It was just too much so I have to share. Space time compression.

      So I had this dream a couple months ago. . . It has just kept me thinking a lot so I have to share it and hopefully hear thoughts and similar experiences from some of you.
      The full dream is here in my DJ but in a short form it basically consisted of a first part that was a really fun lucid dream with complex conversations, flying, and psychedelic visuals, followed by a false awakening.
      This is when it gets complicated. I was so sad to have awaken from my lucid dream that I wanted to hold on to its memory at all costs. I wrote an entry in my dream journal that was more detailed than any I had ever written. I could remember everything. But I knew the memories would fade, so I wished I could have some physical evidence of the dream. Something solid that proved its existence. And as I think that a crystal sphere comes out of my mouth. Inside it is the dream I had just had, condensed in its entirety. Existing simultaneously and timelessly. And I could perceive it all, relieve the dream.
      Then another ball came out, and another and another. I don't know how many. But each of them was a full dream that I could perceive in its entirety in an instant. Each of them was complex, some with amazing soundtracks. It was overwhelming. It was a mode of perception to which I was blind.
      Sadly, when I woke up I couldn't retain nearly as much and my dream journal entry is nowhere near as complete as the one I did after my false awakening. The important parts remain though. And the feeling of experiencing time and space as a singularity condensed in my hand.

      Edit: now if you click the hyperlink it will actually take you to my dream. Sorry about before.
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