I'll try to make this brief, as I usually have multiple dreams or lengthy dreams and this was such a night.
After a dream where many people throughout my life were scrambling up a tower to safety I found myself in a lawn care storage area (garage). There I saw a person readying a weed-eater for use, fueling, adding twine etc.
The garage door was open and it was incredibly bright outside, and the person came and went. Along the way I realized that I was dreaming, but wondered why this person still kept working. They would push past me and seemed
to hide their face. I guess I got angry so I picked them up by their collar and started screaming WHO ARE YOU!? (I guess I realized their importance when they were acting on their own even when I realized it was a dream, first time that has ever occurred. (behaving out of the loop.)) After a bit more yelling the person turned to face me, it was one the people that I went to high school with. I yelled WHO ARE again but they cut me off, he yelled in my face WHO ARE YOU?! and I woke up.