I had my first unattempted lucid dream last night..I walked out of my front door and on my porch was people standing and talking, I was heading off my steps and just thought...Wait!! This is a dream, it's a dream! I turned to the man on my porch and said hey, this is a dream.then all the people on my porch was gone, but there stood my deceased aunt. I was happy and emotional to see her but also repeated, this is a dream. She agreed, and I continued to tell her how I missed and loved her so much. I told her about her niece that had been born and she told me she knows and to tell her daughter/my cousin that she's always with her. She spoke of my mom, and I very faintly remember her saying to watch over her..if it was some type of warning. She pointed to others in my dream and asked who they were and if I knew them? I turned my head and it was another aunt of mine with someone else and they were praying..
I reminded myself that this is a dream again and decided to go see what my ex was doing, I had some girl with me. I don't know who she was and never talked directly to her but she went everywhere with me. I kept looking at the sky and colors and looking for signs, smelling the air while telling myself out loud to remember all the small things to search what they mean when I wake up. We got into a small car and as we drove I designed the car the way I wanted while driving. The roses turned into pink girly hello kitty scenes, and it was like a video game.
I finally reached where my ex was and everyone was sitting around in a dorm type setting and his girlfriend and her family was there. Everyone looked so sad and he had tears in his eyes. Excited to see me he kicked everyone out of his room and invited me in...from there everything just became pointless and not really any points behind it.

Anyone have any opinions to what my first lucid dream could be telling me or does it just not have any signs in it.