So as a child I had a traumatic experience where I put my head under the covers and got sleep paralysis and thought it was some ghost trying to kill me. Quite silly I know, it was until later when I started getting the experience again a few years ago that I got the same feeling I had as a child ( of not being able to move my body and hallucinations...basically all that wonderful stuff that happens in SP). Thankfully I knew some people who told me what is was and now I kinda know how to deal with it... maybe

Recently I've been having dreams that I would be experiencing SP in my dreams and dream looping/ FA and today it has gotten worse.

Basically what happened was I decided to take a nap, with my bf who was on skype call (he knows I have SP and nightmare so he watches over me and wakes me up whenever I whimper - which I happen to do a lot.) So there was a lot of background noise because he was watching a stream on twitch. Nonetheless, I fell asleep. ( I prefer to sleep in noise, its rather comforting.)

Then the dream loop started. I dreamt that I was in my room on my bed with my laptop on (just the way I left it when I took my nap) and I felt something watching me. My boyfriend was on skype and I could hear background noise from his end. However I could not contact him no matter what I shouted or screamed. (this is the normal scenario of each dream loop)

I did an RC and I knew I was dreaming. The only problem was I had the similar feeling that I always had right when I'm about to get SP. I can't really explain it but its when I have the knowledge that I cannot really move my body anymore or starting to lose control of it. My eyes started to get heavy in the dream almost like it wanted me to sleep again and the more I started to close them, the more the feeling of SP got stronger. Then I started to hallucinate. I saw something black clawing on my arm and legs trying to pull me but I kept yelling at it to stop. I started to get really annoyed because the more I started to close my eyes the thing would keep attacking me so it kept me in a constant battle to stay awake.

At one point it stopped and I fell asleep again. Then I experienced FA, I thought I had woken up from the dream so I tried calling out to my boyfriend in the dream but he wouldn't reply. (Throughout this entire dream state I actually heard the background noise from his skype end because I always wear my earphones in my ear, its a silly thing I do when we both sleep because of the long distance I can hear what he hears.) So I tried to get my phone to call him, thinking maybe he couldn't hear or see me. It was then I realized I was lucid dreaming again because I couldn't read anything on my phone. Then it started all over again, the feeling of SP sinking in to the point where I couldn't move my body, the terrorizing blackness that was clawing at me if I closed my eyes and the constant attempt to try to move my body bit by bit.

So I woke up again but this time I decided to do the RC check and yup, still in the dream. I started to get frustrated and a little terrified because I was still in my room, I couldn't contact my boyfriend no matter hearing the background noise of the stream. I decided maybe if I could try to take control of the dream then the loop can stop. This time I tried looking around my room for anything that wasn't there before. When I noticed there was something on my bed I tried to remove it but then the feeling came back but stronger than ever. My body couldn't move and it was almost as I was pushed down back onto my bed and thats when I started to get a little terrified. I felt something touching me in inappropriate places and it kept getting stronger and stronger the grip and the feeling. And I just laid there helpless and trying to gain control of my body again.

At this point I just grew very exhausted, I kept experiencing FA (or a form of it, I'm not sure what to call this) but I would keep looping to the same situation every time I would attempt to 'wake up'. After a few more times of this torture I finally woke up and found myself on this website.

I was wondering if anyone ever had something similar to this? If so how do you exactly overcome it. I have a feelings its going to happen again but worse.