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      Cool Two Lucid Dreams in One Night, Mirrors

      Just thought I would post some sort of anomalous event I had in one of them. I "woke up" in my room and could control the dream, but I never really realized I was dreaming until after I gained control, which was odd because from what I know it should be the other way around.

      The highlight is when I looked into my room's mirror and saw myself. I read that typically everything in the mirror should be blurry, but I saw a crystal-clear image of myself, only my eyes were almost completely closed and it looked like myself asleep. Pretty awkward, but nonetheless I enjoyed it.

      Are mirrors different for everybody?

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      Last night same thing happened to me. Well about the mirror only... I was lucid from before, but I went unsure and decided to check the mirror as my clock reality check didn't work for some reason. While looking at myself I saw myself crystal clear. Even had open eyes. I don't understand what had happened.

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