I had my first lucid in about 2 months last night after putting lucid dreaming to the back of my mind while I was revising for a theory test.

It started out with me on the top floor of a bus, the 472, around a familiar location. I suddenly had the feeling that I was dreaming (there was no reason for this it just happened).. I looked at my fingers and I had more than 5!

Based on the few previous lucid dreams I have had I know I usually rush into it and so this time I decided to try and ground myself.

I pushed my body through the bus, (walking through objects such as walls is something I have always been able to do in a lucid dream) I then emerged on the other side and floated down towards the ground.. Once on the ground I took the times to feel it,as well as the side of the bus..I was especially taking notice of the change in texture and temperature. Through out the dream I constantly reminded my self that I was in a dream doing different reality checks so I didn't get caught up and lose lucidity..

I achieved one of my dream goals in a lucid dream by summoning a fellow lucid dreaming friend.. I haven't been able to do it before now but did it twice within this dream.

I followed a method that I believe some one posted on dream views.. I called out saying "Hi Michael" , it took about 3 times.. The last one I practically shouted it, then in the distance I see someone walking towards me as he got closer I could make out that it was Michael, then after he was right in front of me he said as casually as ever "Hi".. Everything about him was the same as in waking life!

To save going on, I promised Michael that I would find him in a dreams and try to make him lucid (and vice versa) although I don't believe that dream sharing is possible).. So I explained to him.. Then we proceeded to walk through walls etc testing out our dream bodies.

I also levitated objects in the dream, (trying to impress DC's) , although I found this quite difficult ...
For some reason I could only seem to make light objects such as a teddy and a big bottle of Pepsi float.. The bottle of Pepsi required me to hold out two hands and what felt like a huge amount of effort.. Anything heavier wouldn't budge..

I'm not really sure why, perhaps I just need practice?