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      Cool Think I had my first LD

      So last night I think I had my first LD. I've been working really hard to do reality checks IWL and generally raise my self-awareness. Just before bed I popped a couple of Vitamin B6 and did my pre-sleep rituals and mantras. In one of my several dreams last night I remember looking at a roman viaduct at the end of a really vividly lush green field. I looked around me and saw rows upon rows of Roman empire soldiers in full battle gear. I looked at myself and noticed the same. At this point I realized something was odd.

      So I did the classic Reality check of looking at my hands. Instantly I noticed that they were matte black, and looked like graphite. After this I had a moment of pure clarity and joy as I fully realised I was dreaming. I think after this I panicked and lost control because I didn't manage to jot anything more that happened down in my dream journal.

      I would love to know if this was a Lucid Dream. I'm pretty sure it is but i'd love some second opinions. Also some advice on where to go now and how to improve dream control.

      Many thanks Dudes

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      My advice would be to get used to this feeling , as you describe it, of "pure clarity and joy".
      Which means getting and staying lucid would be the priority for you.

      Dream Control is, in my opinion, a more advanced level. Take your time
      There is no spoon...

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