Hey all this is my first dream post I had this Dream about a year ago it was my first lucid ever and was quite long and very vivid probably my favourite dream to date.

I dreamt I was in a 2 story building on a luscious grassy farm land it was pretty much in the middle of the farm and it wasn't all that big mainly just a square on the top floor and it appeared to be on stilts at the front as the bottom floor was Slightly smaller. There was about 10 of us inside the 2nd story all of them were close friends and we were talking and it all seemed relatively normal but something triggered my lucidity as I was speaking to Jeff and It caused me to get excited, I grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him saying "this is a dream" over and over but he showed no interest in the realization of it and instead if anything became more blank after I realized I moved onto Mitchell doing the same thing hoping for some reaction eventually after trying for a few minutes I quickly went outside by either jumping through the window or racing down stairs once I got down I started running towards the bottom of the hill which was massive but not very steep after running a bit I remembered that I was in a dream and jumped a little propelling me of the ground gaining decent height I did it again but this time started flapping my arms like a bird and took off, I was flying through the sky up at cloud level and it felt exactly as I would imagine a bird would I kept flapping my arms. After a while off flying around over the farm land something drew me back to the little building so I returned but when I looked inside there was this Asian women scientist/doctor in a white lab coat that had all of my friends hooked up to these devices freezing them from animation and wiping their supposed memories almost as if I was not meant to become lucid and it was a glitch in the system she turned and noticed me and demanded that I wake up I said no and turned and ran she chased after me. She was quick but I was lucid so I could fly away as she was gaining near I jumped and launched my self up and took to the sky flying like superman this time without the physical need for flapping my arms I held the flight relatively well only dropping a few times but after a while she had multiplied and instead of one there was 10 of them trying to stop me screaming at me to wake up and stop this I kept ignoring them trying to outrun them and ask them why, something happened to allow them to capture me or subdue me and I ended back up inside the building with my friends hooked up to and an IV drop device plugged into my veins I had lost my lucidity to a degree but once I saw the doctor come over and she started withdrawing blood into a cylinder tube about 7 cm round and 15 cm tall it clicked that she was trying to wipe my memory as well as cease all of my lucidity. Not wanting the dream to be forgotten I willed my blood to turn to ice that was inside the giant looking needle stopping them from extracting more and also shattering the glass from the expansion of it I broke free from my restraints and regained my lucidity I quickly got outside and again had all of them after me I forgot about flying until they got close and as soon as I took off they had a tank deployed to shoot me down with one of the doctors driving it it took a few shots I dodged each one and swooped down like a hawk and manifested a grenade in my hand throwing it straight into the hatch, disabling the tank almost blowing it up completely the main doctor looked shocked and she pulled out a pistol and started letting of rounds towards me once again I kept dodging them and flew right over to the end of the valley only to return as she seemed to be genuinely worried after I had gotten away I looked at her flapping my arms at this stage keeping me suspended in the air, I asked why is she doing this I can't exactly remember the answer but she was determined to wake me up after shouting back and forth for a while we came to the conclusion I must die she looked at me and I said do it shoot me giving into her demands, she let's of a shot it goes straight through my heart whilst I'm I'm in the sky flapping before I can hit the floor I've waken up