This was a crazy experience for me, as I've only had one "real" lucid dream before but the second I realized I was dreaming I woke up. Last night though, or rather this morning because I for some reason dream like crazy if I wake up and go back to sleep, was totally different.

The first one I can't really remember much, specifically how I realized I was dreaming. But I did, and the first thing I wanted to do is fly since that's what I always hear about people doing when they become lucid. I was in a large manor type building, with marble walls and pillars all over. I'm not sure if this is where the dream was already taking place, or if it was where I ended up after I became lucid. Either way, I started jumping up and down and realized I was dropping much slower than normal and each time I'd get a little higher. I tried to hold my excitement in so I wouldn't wake up and kept trying and eventually, I went up! It was so amazing! I only remember a little about the actual flying, nothing that I saw, but the feeling was crazy.

The second was much more detailed and vivid. I was standing on a beach with two guys who I didn't know and we were talking. I started to describe and event where I was on a very tall building that was hit by a tidal wave (which oddly was another dream I had the same night). After I told the story, I said "Oh but it was only a dream", thinking it was reality at the time. Then, we see two planes coming down towards the ground, both very close to each other. One of the guys said "we have to do something" and looked at me and just took off up towards the plane. As soon as I saw that, I was like "sweet, it's another lucid dream" and I took off after him. I'm not sure what happened to them, but I flew in front of the plane and went through the front into the cockpit where the pilots seemed completely clueless to what was happenings. They were standing with a laptop on a table, and for some reason I went onto it and showed them something on it that finally made them realize what was happening. So they corrected the plane and all was well, so I decided to go into the cabin to see what was going on in there. To my delight, it was full of female flight attendants, completely packed full. This being my first real lucid dream, I had to see if I could have sex with one of them, so I chose a very attractive one, and low and behold we did it right there in the aisle! Soon after, I woke up and that was that.

It was incredible, even though I don't think I had any control over the dreamscape itself, making choices that opened new doors was seriously awesome. I'm psyched since I haven't had any real success at lucid dreaming before, but I have a feeling last night was completely out of luck since I have no clue what triggered the first one, and an event I've never experienced before in a dream (that I know of) triggered the second one. Either way, I'm going to keep trying because I can only imagine how much more crazy and awesome it could get.

If anyone's got any ideas on the second trigger, that'd be cool because it was pretty odd being that a dream character just decided to fly away. It was almost as if he was trying to show me it was a dream the way he looked at me first and then took off right after I told a story that ended with me saying "oh but it was only a dream".