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      Question my doppleganger?

      I've lucid dreamed automatically since i was a kid. i don"t think i've ever had a "normal" dream. before it all progressed into what is is today, there was a common figure among my earliest dreams. at first he'd just pop up and stare at me from a distance, mostly hidden at first, but each time he'd come into view more, after that he started appearing closer. at first i could banish or hide him, but after a while he'd just reappear, then later on i couldn't affect him at all.he looked like me in every way almost. the only differences were how he seemed a few years older and how angelic he was cept for one thing. if you looked into his eyes, you felt despair and indescribably fear enveloping and overwhelming you, like you were struggling against something infinately terrifying and powerful that you couldn't hope to escape and this realization was just dawning on you, and you could see a sinister and otherwise emotionless glimmer in the back of his eyes.. he'd teach me how to do things in ways that didn't ocour to me yet there, though trying to warp my morality at the same time. when he first actually said something he asked me "don't you recognize me?", then when i told him no he laughed and told me to follow him and that he had much to show me. have any of you had an experience like this or know what his could mean? i have an idea, but i haven't found anything on the subject.
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