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    Thread: First LD?

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      First LD?

      Ive been doing reality checks a lot lately and when i went to bed last night i was fairly confident id have an ld. So ithink my work paid off. Heres what the dream was like:

      The dream seemed to be in 3rd person and it began with myself doing an rc. I tried to push my right hand through my left and sure enough it went right through. At that point i realized that i was dreaming! Id finally done it! But, the dream was what i guess u guys would consider unstable. Since it was in 3rd person i was watching myself and i was actually watching through what seemed to be a window. Which made my vision of the dream very limited and it was quite annoying. The already small square that i could see through was getting smaller and smaller and very quickly the dream faded.

      Soooo, was it a lucid dream? It was pretty short and im not really sure about the third person thing. Do you have to be in first person for the dream to be actually lucid?

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      Yep, it was a lucid dream as you knew you were asleep while dreaming.

      Worry not, this will be the first of many. It is hard to have your 1st lucid dream, but when you do, something inside clicks and a lot more come

      Congrats and keep up the good work.
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