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    Thread: Hogwarts, zombie killing and three lucid goals complete

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      Hogwarts, zombie killing and three lucid goals complete

      So, this was the result of a WBTB I did this morning, it starts off as a normal dream.

      I'm outside in the open with Remus Lupin, (dream sign) and for some reason, his mum. From the vaguely flirty conversation I'm involved in, I get the feeling I'm in a relationship (dream sign) with him. I'm about to take his mum to the shops (dream sign.) The scene changes, and his mum and I are in the supermarket, standing next to the canned drinks. She says something a bit odd like 'I don't like Coca Cola, but you can buy some if you want.' I said it was okay, I didn't really want any but thanks anyway.

      The scene changes, and I'm in Transfigurations class, but I'm neither a student nor a teacher, more like a classroom assistant. A few students are talking about how epic their Defence Against the Dark Arts class generally is. I notice one of the girls has a really bright transfig exercise book that she's decorated herself, even Minerva likes it. Minerva says the students need to learn to float before they can transform into anything.

      EDIT: Just looked over my goals again and I completed 5, not 3

      I start to float easily, and I become lucid, but I stay very calm. I think, 'Right, I need to find Remus cause it'd be a shame not to meet him in a lucid when he turns up in over half my non-lucids.' As I fly down the stairs, the dream starts to flicker and fade, I see myself in bed asleep and think 'c'mon, stay asleep, stay asleep' I concentrate hard on the dream world and it stabilizes and becomes more sensory, I try imagining characters behind doors, but that doesn't work, I realise it's become night and abandon the idea of finding Remus because it may be a full moon, and I figure an encounter with a werewolf would wake me up. So now I'm standing in the lobby of Hogwarts watching Snape drink from a fountain, and I think 'what should I do?' I think, ZOMBIES and tonnes of zombies spawn, nobody else bothers reacting so as the undead are coming for me, I decide to engage in a little Defence Against the Dark Arts of my own, only I forget that it's likely I have a wand, so I spawn a massive sub-machine gun and take them all out

      Then my alarm went off...
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      Interesting dream (darn alarms). Harry Potter related dreams are always fun. Nice job on becoming and staying lucid.

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