After a week of trying I finally reached an incredibly interesting experience during my sleep.

Firstly I woke up suddenly during a night after trying to solve a problem on a PC with a friend who was in the room with me, I woke up and started talking to him that it can't be solved, he wasn't in the room... I felt asleep very quickly and then:

It started of with me standing in a garden while crow flew over me and sat down on 2nd floor window with 5 bill in its mouth, I think this was my subconsciousness telling me to fly for it (the first thing I wanted to do in LD was to grow a pair of wings and fly like arch-angels in the Dominion serial), suddenly the gust of wind stole the 5 note which landed just in front of me on the green grass. I picked it up but, and went to a restaurant which had the tastiest sea food I could ever imagine, the shrimps of perfect quality with incredibly creamy and full of flavour dippings which appeared suddenly from nowhere. More than that I tried this small octopus which was still alive, it's legs tasted like chicken which was good but I haven't tried its upper body.

The dinner was finished so I paid (not fully and I was worried quite a lot as I go through financial issues currently) and opened the restaurant door (it was meant to be portal a different dream right?), BANG, suddenly woke up. Being half awake I hit fingers of the right hand into palm of my left hand (reality check), I definitely did this a bit too hard as I felt the pulsating pain for next 5 minutes. I fall asleep and woke up 4 hours later with a very satisfying and confusing feeling.

The only thing I regret is not controlling, being fully aware of it during that night, I didn't fly =( I neither had sex with EW =( but overall it was a good experience and I'm not even sure if it was actual LD, but I hope it will be repeated =]