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      Lucid Dream Every-time I Want To Give Up?

      So i started lucid dreaming 2 months ago and i already had 4 lucid dreams. You guys should know that sometimes life seems hard and you just have better things to focus on rather than Lucid Dreaming. However everytime i think of that, i actually lucid dream. Last night i went to bed and didn't perform any techniques whatsoever and fell asleep.
      I have a ton of work to do at home everyday (course works ...essays...research..etc) so i didn't really feel like LDing anymore.
      Then in the middle of the night it felt like i woke up, but i couldn't physically open my eyes due to not actually having enough "energy" to open them. I thought "wow this is weird" and pinched myself. I couldnt feel any pain! Then i realized that it is an LD and i started rubbing my hands together. Then i found myself feeling as if i was standing instead of laying on my bed. Then i performed another RC and pinched my nose; i could breathe in. I could however still feel my physical body laying on my bed and i still couldn't see anything. I tried to imagine something really hard and focused on it, however it woke me up.
      It feels like LDs keep coming back to me. Everytime i want to leave them they tell me to come back. What do you guys think?
      And one question...what is that blind lucid dream all about? Why couldnt i see anything?
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