Today i had an interesting experience. On the first dream, i ended a long time nightmare and on the next dream it had a follow-up.

On the first dream, i'm in the middle of a crowd. We are all slaves that are ordered to do hard labor for kings that people call "The Gods". I have this feeling that i had this nightmare before, several times. But now, for the first time, i become lucid. I want to put an end to this. I know that i'm dreaming and no one will hurt me. So i begin a mutiny.
I stop working and i confronting one of the chiefs. He starts to hit me but I feel nothing. I attack him and kill him. Then follows another chief and another. I tell the people to fight back. It's a riot.
The "Gods" call their professional assassins to go against me. They are martial art experts. One of them attacks me but i win. I kill more assassins after. Now, it's time for the "Gods". When i fight them, they turn into little action figures. I grab them and dismember them all. The i wake up.

I woke up relieved because i ended this nightmare. Then, after about 10 minutes, i dozed-off and had the following dream:
I'm having a walk with 3 women who say that they want to visit their bosses. We enter a garden and they see people dead on the floor, dismembered. They say that it's their bosses. I notice that it's the "Gods" I killed in the previous dream.

So, 2 things i found interesting on this experience.

1- I had this nightmare and i got to put and end to it. I believe that, if i have this dream again, i become lucid and not pass through hell again.
2- The second dream brought some elements from the first dream, which was interesting. Kind of a sequel.