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      The first attempt and first achieved LD

      Hello everybody,
      I am a new member. Since my childhood I dream a lot and love dreaming. My dreams kind of dictates my mood during the day.
      Just yesterday I started reading about LD, theories and doing RCs. I can say I was determined to have a LD that night although many sources suggested it might take couple of weeks or months in some cases. And I had a LD in my first night :bilss:
      Here how it was: In my dream I was on the computer and decided doing some RCs (I guess I really prompted myself IWL, lol). I first looked at my fingers, idk why i didn't check the keyboard, that would be enough, but whatever I decided starting with my fingers. I was even saying to myself I would find them normal again, lol. So my hand was bizarre looking, my fingers were tiny. "OOOOMMMGGG, I am in a dreaaaam, oh yeaaa" I said I was so excited, everything started looking bright and more colorful in that moment. I soothed myself and decided to explore the environment. The place was a stark building, very creepy one. I kind of surmised that the place was a dungeon. I wanted to leave from there and the first place came to mind was a beach. So I tried to change the environment couple of times but it didn't work. I was stuck. I was looking for a door. And I found it. When I was walking there I realized a flock of people behind me were also approaching the door. A giant came nearby me but he was an ally. I pointed couple of shady looking people from the flock to him, and told him to protect me. I opened the door by kicking and after that I completely lost the control of the dream. As you can see I wasn't completely in the control of my dream from the beginning. After that dream went on its course but I could say even though I lost the awareness of the dream, I was feeling really comfortable and confident (It was a stressful and struggling dream). When I woke up I wrote everthing to my DJ. I guess this was a DILD type of LD.
      After writing them to my journal, I slept again to have one more. I did have one more. In that dream I was in my school, in the elevator. Elevator's doors were closing and a woman attempted to get in. I opened the doors for her. She was waiting outside and didn't enter. I asked her if she was going to get in. She didn't say anything but just staring. I felt dizzy and decided to check my hands, and viola! Same bizarre hand again I said good, I am in a dream again but let me get out of this elevator first. I touched the door also and it was cold, just like it is IRL. While I was walking everything turned to white and I woke up. I couldn't hang in there. So since I was awake before this dream, writing my first dream to my DJ, this one was a DILD type of LD too?
      So it seems I had two LD experiences back to back. Even though they were not complete success, they made me happy

      I have couple of questions:

      1)Does Getting lucid in the first attemp show that I am talented in LD? Because I heard some people are naturals and does it easier.
      2)What was the reason I couldn't change the environment in my first dream and consequently lost the control and awareness completely?
      3)Would it go like this in the following nights? I mean, is it a good omen to have LD in the first attempt for the future?

      Thanks for reading my post and answers

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      Congratulations Avicenna, and welcome to the forum.

      This wasnít only a lucid dream, it was an Adventure!!! I also had my first experience with lucid dreams a couple of years ago while practicing Astral Projection. It just happened after some days I started practicing and it was a DILD as well. Back then I was impressed with the fact that in the lucid dream you can see the world with more detail and brighter colors than real life.

      As for your questions:

      1) I cannot answer that but I will advise you to practice some of the lucid dreams exercises every day and have a schedule to what to do while you become lucid (ex. You can try to learn to fly) as the lucid dream doesnít actually differ much from a normal dream and you will find difficulty to think clearly. You may also alternate between normal and lucid dream. When you become lucid donít get too excited, stay calm and enjoy the lucid environment.

      2) The dream environment is a delicate and complex structure directly created from our subconscious mind which have enormous power compared to our normal conscious mind. The dream scenery, the people and its behavior, animals, wind, gravity and light are all interpreted to our 5 senses by the unconscious mind. Trying to change the dream environment need very delicate, absolute and strong thoughts. You have to be specific for what you want to do and do not press the dream too much otherwise the dream environment will scatter and additionally you may lose all the optics, physics and body control. The worst it may happen is to wake up and lose the rest of the lucid dream.

      3) Usually you can have one lucid dream every 2 to 3 nights, as the whole experience needs a recovering period. It is also depends on how tired you are. Also I have seen a very good correlation between chakra activation and energy rise exercises, as the lucid dreams become more frequent, clearer, more stable and have longer duration.
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      Additionally for changing the dream environment. My advice is not to try to change it as you have little experience with lucid dreams. As you further experience more and more lucid dreams you will subconsciously know what you can change and what you cannot.

      At the beginning any changes in the dream should be small, don’t aim for big changes because the dream environment will collapse. If you push yourself too much the result can be unpredictable.

      I advise to learn to fly first, this is already a big change for the dream environment. You directly interfere with the dream physics and reprogramming them in real-time. Your mind is sending a message to the subconscious and tells it to exclude the law of gravity only from you leaving the rest of the dream intact. Just imagine how the world look like and what you feel while flying.

      My first attempt was a total failure, as I managed to fly up to 5 meters, lost control and crashed on the ground with my head, waking myself.

      My second attempt was more promising as I managed a slow speed sustained flight about 4 meters from the ground only to realize that I have no control of the flight after a couple of seconds. My body kept flying at this height uncontrollably until more and more overhang power cables start appearing in front of me. Then I struggled to regain the flight control and smoothly landed on the ground with great difficulty.

      The third time I was in control of the flight but the dream environment scattered heavily as I tried to keep the flight under control. Large pieces of the environment, like broken glass start breaking, rotating, shaking and fading especially in my peripheral vision. As soon as I landed the dream environment restored to normal. This happened because I gave all my attention to the flight control and neglected the visuals, so the dream was in the threshold of fading.

      The fourth time I wanted to fly fast. At first nothing worked, whatever I tried my speed was too low. Then I tried to imagine how would I feel and how the dream world will look like if I was flying a jet fighter. Then my mind recalled some breathtaking videos from jet fighters flying close to the ground (search youtube). I instantly imagined the same and my subconscious responded immediately making me fly at extremely high speed. I made the whole procedure to look and feel natural, I wasn’t struggling anymore, I just imagine what I wanted and the dream responded.
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