I literally got the motivation to start LD'ing again 5 days ago, and this was the 2nd LD in just 4 days (this happened today). This is the first time I've ever made a DJ and I am really happy with the results so far. Not to mention that this was my favourite LD ever because of the nature of it and the length.
I know it's a long read but it was a really cool experience that'll be worth your time.

I wake up at 8:30AM, 6 hours after sleeping, I don’t remember any dreams. I planned to do WILD the day ahead so attempted, the swallowing reflex was too hard to ignore so I gave up on WILD. I got up and grabbed a drink and headed back to bed to do a WBTB + MILD. I repeated the mantra “I am lucid” until I felt sleepy, then counted down from 99.

I don’t remember how or why but I became aware I was dreaming. Immediately, like always the dream quickly faded, I prepared myself to DEILD. I woke up and successfully DEILD, I was in the same place I left off, an industrial rig. There was a huge orange claw next to me & I was standing on a stone floor, but that’s all I can point out about my surroundings. I yelled “Increase stabilisation x2million” it worked very well and the dream became clearer and clearer each time I said it. I resisted blinking because if I blinked I knew I wouldn’t be able to open my eyes again. Sure enough I blink and can’t open my eyes, after frustration I just realise I should DEILD again.

I scream “Wake up”, there I was in my bed somehow with sight even though my eyelids, it was a FA, but I was oblivious to the fact at that time. I see a computer next to me on my bed, there was some kind of DEILD program open that had an Easy, Medium & Hard option on the program I assumed the easy is least effective and hard is most effective, therefore I selected hard. I went straight back into the dream within seconds (It was almost exactly like inception with the computer), I noticed the vibrations were a lot heavier than IWL. At the time I didn’t know it but I was lucid dreaming within a FA!

There I was back at the exact same place. I flied for the first time with ease. The way I was flying was of Minecraft controls, every time you’d click the spacebar you would elevate more and more. Of course! I blinked again and my eyelids were now glued. Instead of just exiting and DEILD’ing again I decided to try and fix the problem, I tried to imagine that I could see through my eyelids but it was no help. I then tried opening my eyes with force but when I pushed my eyelids up a little I could see the exact same FA with the computer next to me and everything, I peeled my eyes back down and decided to wake up.

I was in the same FA scene (Still oblivious to the fact that it was a FA), I continued the same process as the last DEILD and went back into the dream within the dream. I was still at the exact same industrial rig, I decided I would do the “Take a pill/potion that will reveal the ultimate truth to you. Describe the effects.” ToTM, I summoned someone that appeared with a long black robe kind of like the grim reaper but no scythe, he handed me a potion, I drank it but nothing happened. I start fading out and just let it happen so I can DEILD again.

I wake up at the same FA and repeat the DEILD process. This time I am at my house at my bathroom, which is next to my room. I have never looked in a mirror before and heard how it could turn in to a nightmare, so I being curious take a look into the mirror. I see my face morph slowly into a demonic looking face. I became frightened and found myself in a black void just falling, random scary images just popped around. It was kind of like the scarecrow from batman. I wake up from sacredness I guess.

I am back in the FA and repeat the DEILD process again, within seconds I am thrown into another dream again at my house, I am semi-lucid at this point. I was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle along with my brother. There is a guy who looks like penguin from batman who is cooking us some type of stew on the stove. My dad (who was not a TMNT) seen that penguin was putting poison in to the stew, it was a plot to kill us! Me and my TMNT brother get into an altercation with penguin, we are somehow losing the fight and penguin is trying to force feed us the poison. At this point I regain full lucidity after my dad screams at me and tells me to wake up to save my brother, who is struggling against penguin. I try my hardest to wake up, I scream “wake up”, squeeze my eyes closed and back open again but nothing seemed to wake me up. Was I trapped in a dream? I found myself asking myself. I am then back in to a state of semi-lucidity and somehow my brother managed to subdue penguin. Penguin gives up and sits on the stairs and phones someone to come pick him up.
My brother and dad are just casually in the kitchen eating some kind of chocolate pastry, it looked good so I grabbed one and put it in my pocket. I looked over to penguin and I was still worried he would try something so I went in to creative mode (In Minecraft, you cannot die in creative mode). I proceeded out into my balcony and looked out into the world. I randomly awaken.

I do a RC to see if I am really awake and sure enough I am. I was so convinced that the DEILD program was real that I looked in the history for my computer to find what the program was, only to find out it was the program didn’t exist and it was a dream within a dream!


• The finger to palm RC never worked at all, although the nose plug RC had a 100% success rate.
• 2nd LD in a long time but also my longest LD ever.
• Excited to see if this dream will help with my stabilisation in the future.
• WBTB at around 8:40AM, chain ended at around 9:45AM.