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      Hi. I just joined and i want to share my experience and ask you a question, i hope i'll get some help.
      The situation is like this:
      i have lucid dreams for about 10 years (first 4-5 i didn't know what was this experience but it happened to me by itself, then i realised what it was and started to do it on purpose).
      for about... 6 months i think i met a girl in my dream, white dressed, long hair.
      first 4-5 meetings scared me a lot because i was lucid dreaming and when she appeared i just can't control my dreams like i usually did, i still was lucid but can't control while she was around.
      after that we started to talk more (i hardly remember our conversations, but i know that we're not using words, we're comunicating using our minds).
      after a while i regained control of my dreams even with her around, but then another problem occured. some white lights were chasing me, she saved me 2 times.
      all being normal (i mean meeting her but nothing happens), then again a chasing, this time a man in a black suit chasing her, this time i saved her.
      Can you tell me what or who might this girl be?
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      Some people would say it is your dream guide.

      I once dreamed of a girl in 3 dream segments while sleeping, it was the same girl but she was different ages in the dream,
      I had just begun lucid dreaming and I was thinking of using my crap flip phone (which I often draw out of my pocket in lucid and non lucid dreams) as a lucid dream device by stretching it into a bigger screen and using it to find things, people issue commands. When I woke up I thought I should also use it for verbal commands, I thought I would do something like call out "Siri", but then I feared what if I call out "Siri, and that girl or some other girl shows up claiming it is her name, then How will I be able to use the device, with this fear in my mind I decided to look up apps like Siri and type in to google apps like Siri, google responded by presenting me a picture of Kira Korpi, I swear she is a dead ringer for the girl in that dream I had had just minutes earlier. Since then I have tried but never seen Kira again in my dreams...
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      Sure LUCID DREAMS are all fun and games until someone loses a third eye.

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      What an interesting dream character, I love having recurring people in my dreams. It sounds really cool to me that you communicate with her with your mind.
      As to who or what she might be, well that depends on what you believe about dreams. Different people will say different things - Some people will say that she is just a dream guide, some will say that she is an external entity that is there to guide you or just be with you or maybe even love you, some might even say that she is a latent part of you that is being represented. I think that whatever connection you have with her and whoever or whatever she is, it sounds like it's a special relationship that you have with that particular dream character and I think that's really neat.
      I'm sorry I don't have any easy answers for you.
      Who do you think she is?

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      Flashman,dude dreams are a complicated thing,they usually represent things in life, for instance your dream.this girl is probably a girl you like in real life,maybe a family member you love or maybe a girlfriend or crush.If not it maybe a signal that you need that someone in your life.

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