To save a long story i became lucid in a dream i had last night. I then got really excited and everything went away but i didn't wake up. Instead i saw a white light pulsing my vision and my body was vibrating. At this point i'm still asleep. In my surprise it didn't make me scared i actually felt kinda relaxed. I then woke up but it was an FA and i knew it due to how light i felt. I ran downstairs in my house (funny story when i jumped down my last three steps i rubbed my hands together and said "OK brain time to create my downstairs"). It was dark and i went to turn on the light but it didn't work. So i decided to go outside so i can feel the light from the moon. I opened my door and my alarm went off. I started to kinda panic if i should turn it off or not because i started to think maybe i wasn't dreaming and i need to turn it off. Then i woke up. So some questions. Have any ever experienced that white light with the body vibration before? and how can i keep myself in a dream longer? Thanks in advance.