(Before I forget, I want to apologize if this is in the wrong topic)

So I decided I'll report dreams or nightmares I have here (if double postings allowed). I won't go into too much detail either due to me forgetting or it being nsfw a little but yeah. Below is two of the dreams / nightmares I had.

In my dream I was a child still and so was my brother, in the said dream we were still living in our old home and city (New York). For an unknown reason at first we were rushed to grab anything we can so I grabbed any little thing that was important to me while I was crying and we were lead away. My brother and I were placed on one of the couches in the living room and at the same time I didn't know where my parents were or any adults for that matter. What was weird was that our house wasn't really a house, and we were able to see outside down the street.

(You know the style of the streets in like San Fransisco where the houses are on a slope? That's how basically it looked like).

Basically we could see lava and or fire coming down the street but it seemed further away than what we thought as well as that way behind it the sky was lit up from buildings being on fire and smoke rising. It then transitioned to me being in a building and trying to escape I believe, but at the same time it was really hot as if the whole building was or had been on fire itself.