Hey everyone,

I've been on the forum for about two weeks and have had a couple LDs during this time, I love it!

I want to share my latest experience with you, it happened last Sunday at around 4-5 am:

I was dreaming about my cousin's wedding, I was sitting in the back of the cathedral and I had this strange feeling... I knew the wedding had been a couple weeks ago but I wasn't completely lucid, I thought I was like an observer of a past event or something.

Suddenly my perspective changed, I was no longer in the back of the church, I was now at the front but I never actually moved. This change of perception made me question if I was actually dreaming, I then proceeded to do the nose plug RC and it worked! (It is the first time that I've done this while dreaming).

I started to look around and spotted an old man close to an entrance to the cathedral and decided to approach him. He looked about 70, bald with only a few areas of white hair on the sides of his head, he seemed nice and wise. I asked him: Who are you? What do you represent? (I had never done this before either) and he didn't reply, he reached for his pocket and pulled out a deck of cards and gave it to me. I received the deck and was then instructed to pick a card (his communication was crystal clear but it didn't seem to be verbal... if felt like a telepathic kind of thing). Without looking I picked a card from the middle of the deck and turned it around, the card had one name and a short phrase:

- Name: "Erazpaserticous"
- Phrase: "To Lead"

I had a hard time reading this and trying to memorize it, I asked the old man what this meant... he said I was here to lead but he couldn't tell me anything else at the moment. He then asked me to wake up because otherwise I wouldn't remember and so I did.

Has anyone had something similar?

Thanks for reading