Just had quite an interesting experience tonight about shared dreams and "met" many of you fellow DV members...

Now, personally I believe that shared dreams are impossible unless by coincidence or shared daily experiences... But this post is not about the validity of shared dreams - it's about a dream chain I had about them... Also, I probably won't put tonight's dream entry on the site's DJ for the lack of time. I'll try to keep this "short", and also will not mention the other dreams of the night (that occurred before and after this chain).

Part one (sometime after 4:50, until 6:30):

I don't recall the beginning of the dream... Also, I'm not lucid yet - it's rather a pseudo-lucid.
I stand in front of the entrance to a building were the DreamViews meeting is housed (it's bright outside). I notice that 5 species of plants from my collection are potted leading to the entrance as ornaments. They are in flower - a really massive one, I take the time to inspect them (as I do with my plants irl)
I enter the building and get to the meeting room. It's full with people. I go to the snacks table to take a dream and see some folks I recognize - these 5 characters make up a lucid dreaming team [a fake memory], and I recognize the "faces" of two of them - "Dreamer" - a woman with purple hair, "one-[something that I don't recall]" - a man, plus two more men and one woman. We talk. They congratulate me on finally making it there. I see another woman walking by, with bright blond hair, and ask about her (she's sad and walks alone, but [like practically all the DCs in my dreams] hot). They tell me she was telling everyone how great of a LDer she is, but she completely flunked the competition and her team got rid of her, which is why she lost confidence. I'm like "hmm, that's not nice...".
We talk so more and I go to "mingle". I meet a lucid dreamer that was my brain's version of a stereotypical Mexican in appearance (large manly body built, a large mustachio, a sombrero, and cloths out of western movies) and we talked for a while. Then two people recognize me, and I then recognize them as OpheliaBlue and CanisLucidus. I was on the way to that sad girl, but stopped to talk to them. I decide to show off with the exit and teleport Johnny Royale / Heroes' Tommy style (straight to that girl). A lean man that looks straight out of anime is speaking to the crowd on a stage [later "irl" I decide it must be Sensei], while I introduce myself tho the girl. For some reason I just know her name - it's Gwen [later "irl" I realize that she was Stone's version of Gwen Stacy basically, but had no memory of that in the dream]. We talk and I cheer her up. One of my arguments was that she's not a "fake" like that others say - if she would be, she wouldn't be able to join the meeting (because it's in a dream). Well, anyway, we exchange real life numbers,
and I eventually "wake up."

I wake up in my house, in my bed, at ~4 (morning). At first I'm confused, but then "right, finally a lucid dream!" [the irony]. The house is a mirror version of the real life house, and also my room is next to my mom's for some reason (but I don't realize this). A bunch of stuff happens - but it's unrelated to DV... Long story short - I eat some chips, play music with headphones (even remember some of the songs - some PBN and Stonebank, plus something more relaxed with female vocals), sitting on my bed edit some song in FLstudio, and wait until morning to call Gwen. Some gaps and / or sleep later, I call her and we talk. Also I'm constantly cautions about waking up people, especially mom as my room is just next to hers. At one point I pass by her room, and hear her cursing and shouting. I just ignore and sit on my bed (assuming that it was directed at me). She just keep yelling, and I even consider the possibility that she's going to reach through her window, and my window, and get into my room to beat me up... I decide to find out what's going on, and enter her room saying "is everything okay, mom?" She wakes up and is like "what, why... I slept, is everything OK". I reply, "I thought you were awake, you were yelling for like an hour -". "Really?" she asked "weird, I just was asleep." She didn't look bothered at all. I even told her that I wish I would have recorded some of the yelling... Anyway, it's 11:00 now, and she is late to work... Before she goes she sees that I'm tired and I say I haven't slept well (couldn't tell her about the LDing), so she tells me to go to sleep. She even brings me a new bag of chips, but after she went to work I substituted with a different taste that I like more [btw, this is not something I eat in real life, so I don't know what's with this chips theme ]. After she left I also noticed that the FL plugin was still recording (so the cursing was recorded after all)...

Anyway I doze off to sleep while trying to WILD.
I wake up in a dark room, but through the shades of the window I see that it's bright outside. A man is in the room with me, and he just can't stop rambling about that DV meeting. I notice the digital clock on the wall, the numbers are blue, and the hour is 13:05. I'm thinking 'did I sleep for two more hours?" Then I suddenly realize that what happened before was a dream too - since I got access to some of my real life memory - and realize that the house setting was all wrong and mom's nightmare makes no sense... I was very drowsy so it took me quite some time to get more aware, and I also considered the possibility that I might be wrong, but the man was saying that he can't believe it's a dream - so I decided that if we both think so it must be true (that it is). I also considered waking up on purpose - it was dark and the ramblings started to annoy me and I was lazy to try to change things - but eventually I decided that I'll hate myself if I'll purposely wake up from a lucid (). I also noticed that sometimes it's like that man's face was doubled - like I was seeing double of it - so this convinced me that it's a dream. I got amazed by how convincing that DV meeting was, since I remembered it as well - and started trying to figure out where did the faces of some DV members came from (as I don't believe in actual shared dreaming). So after some thinking (meanwhile I just sit there on my bed, while the man keeps rambling and pacing from side to side) I decide that OpheliaBlue and CanisLucidus were based on the photos on these YouTube podcasts, while Sensei and Dreamer were based on their avatars (and this is how I recognized the man in my room - it was cooleymd, which explain the seeing double thing!), and the Mexican guy must be how my brain imagined jzinser to look like [since I see him around here a lot, it's likely him. Sorry for the obvious "stereotypification" though!!!]

Once in a while, a woman would enter the room with a metal cup of cappuccino and give it to us to drink. I remembered watching yesterday (IRL) an episode of GMM were they spit toothpaste into this same cup, so didn't want to take a drink, but the man (cooleymd' DC) convinced me after tasting it himself... That was one tasty cappuccino! Anyway, annoyed by the rambling I told cooleymd that it's a dream. He pauses, and replies "yes exactly! It is! We made it" - trying to convince me that it's a shared dream - another meeting. I'm like "no I mean, all of it is, my mom's nightmare from before, you - all of that is a dream!" He replied, "no it's not, remember talking to Gwen on the phone?". I'm like "yeah, exactly how would you remember that if you are real?" (me laughing and thinking, yes, finally got him! ) He paused again and replied, "What, no! I'm real, she called you from the party!" He had that very convince look in his eyes... This made me just laugh uncontrollably, I literally started feeling like I'm not getting enough air, and in between laughs tried to tell him that his argument makes no sense (calling a real phone with a dream phone! ). Well I had the feeling that if I keep laughing I'll wake up so I really focused on relaxing... Anyway, I managed to relax but entered the void... A new dream started there - with some reoccurring DCs and theme from older dreams but this dream was very short - could stabilize it and it kept fading, plus it had nothing to do with the previous theme (it was about being a part of a superhero team with the Atom, "the mechanic", and another dude, in the same universe as CW's arrow / flash in another city. The dream started in an automobile repair shop, with the superhero team discussing stuff...)

In waking life (6:30 - 7:10~): So I finally woke up for real in around 6:30, had to RC to be sure (I had genuine suspicions that it might be another FA), and immediately started recording... Stayed awake for 30 minutes (like a WBTB, but did stuff - like taking to people, drinking water, etc). I had more time to sleep (the alarm is one hour later in Tuesdays). Tried a WILD, but fall asleep...

Part two (7:10 - 7:45):

So I wake up in my actual room, still covered in blankets. I think, 'wow, what a crazy dream, must record it!' So I take the phone into the bed and see that I already recorded it. I decide to type this one into DV, so I get up but don't want to leave the warm room (I'm in underwear, and it's pretty cold...), and suddenly I see my laptop on the desk [IRL, my laptop and PC are on the third floor in my study... My bedroom is not as big...]. I start typing when a woman startles me in my own room. I like "what that hell?" (covering myself), "who are y-?" and then I realize "Ohhh, it's another one of these, isn't it?" She nods. She has shorter hair, auburn-brown and shorter.
For some reason I really want to sleep with her (maybe the intimate setting, or the drive from the previous dream with Gwen), but I try to be composed since she's one of these fake DV members, and I guess I wasn't 100% lucid - because I decided it's impolite of me, since she's more "real" than a normal DC... Anyhow, we go to the kitchen to eat, and "on the way" talk about that meeting (and compare stories - but I don'r recall most of them). In the kitchen we meet a random guy or maybe another person from the meeting. I'm hostile towards him - he's in my kitchen and might want to date that girl too. He was hostile too - I asked what is he doing in my kitchen? He turned around and said something like "your parents told me you were working out, I guess they were wrong." I noticed that my dream body was "weaker" from before I started working out two years ago, so I dream-controlled it to buff myself up, and proclaimed "look again!" I also glanced at the girl, to which she rolled her eyes, and I thought "this is not working to my favor..." He than started to fight me, but he was really skinny, and I was super strong, so I just deflected. Anyway, somehow we got into a certain cheer-leading position, and I thought it's funny so I asked him to try it again. (so basically he puts his weight on my palms and on one of my soles, and I standing on one leg...) Anyway, we practiced that position, and I didn't care that the girl laughed at us... Suddenly a shadow-bad-guy-DC appeared in the kitchen and tried to attack us. We were in position, so I reacted and hit the shadow creature with the skinny guy. It worked, but I was as surprised as the rest of us (and she was impressed). So I faked a smile and proclaimed "Yeah! This always works!" in a victory pose.

Anyway, the dream fades after that and I wake up in my usual room / bed. Reach out for the phone to record that, glad to have two DILDs the same night, but disappointed in my lucidity level (not remembering or not wanting to practice goals). Before recording, I search online of that cheer-leading position and end up on a Wikipedia page. Apparently it's called "air bicycle", and we did the narrow variation of it, which is the most horizontal and the most difficult. I then proceed to record the dream on my phone, but fall asleep. Then I finally wake up for real! [this was a micro awakening, and I know that the previous part was a FA because the phone was not in my hands or on the bed, plus there was no recording of it, plus, a later search of the term "air bicycle" [IRL] revealed that it's a crunch variation, not an acrobatic move... But I actually had to check all of that out to be sure that it wasn't real ]

Anyway, I fell asleep and proceeded to another, non-lucid, dream, but it had a different theme. After that one I finally woke up, and recorded the period ~7:10 - 8:05.