After a long time , last night I had another LD which I believe was triggered by the fact that I went to sleep late at night and I was tired. I woke up around 4am to go to the bathroom and after that I went to sleep just so I know that I woke up in my room but everything is not arranged the way it is now. The furniture was placed the way I had it a very very long time ago (I did not became lucid yet). I notice that my PC and TV is on so I'm like "how could I forgot to turn them off?" and I get out of my bed to turn the PC and TV off and it just won't turn off, after a few seconds I managed to turn off my TV but my PC was still on and it wouldn't want to turn off , so I have an on/off switch on the power soket so I used that switch and then it turned everything off. The moment I hit the power switch I suddenly became aware that this was a dream (totally random awareness) , I got excited a little bit and I walked out of my room , going to the kitchen and I see my dad (btw it looked like it was morning outside) , and I ask my dad "did u just wake up?" , he said "yeah" but then things go a little bit crazy , another dad , this one looked like a hologram , appeared near us so I got scared and I woke up. But guess what , I woke up in another dream . This second scenario was still happening in my room , but strangely the furniture was again placed in a different way , differently from the 1st scenario when I was trying to turn off my PC and TV. A girl opened my door and it came looking right in my damn face , kinda got scared a bit but I knew it was a dream again so I asked her what does she want, she was looking at me smiling then I just got back to sleep and after that I woke up again , in another dream. I thought I wouldn't be able to wake up IRL any more , this time I'm at my grandma's house , and again someone opens the door , it's my mom (btw she passed away) , she seemed to be in a hurry and she kept telling me to wake up like I was late to go somewhere or I don't know , and I told her that I can't wake up cause this is a dream , then she starts saying something that I don't understand and finally I got sleepy in my dream and when I closed my eyes in the dream then I woke up in real life because my alarm went off at 9am.

That's it , I'm not trying to LD , it just happens randomly and usually when I go to sleep too tired. I did not have any control over my dreams , the only control I had was on myself and not 100% cause I always felt sleepy , it was a bit hard to maintain awareness , but I could move my arms the way I wanted , I felt my body , my clothes , I felt the sheets on the bed , I was feeling everything I've touched.

I think if I would really try some techniques to lucid dream I would succeed. The only guide I tried was WILD , where I trick my body that I'm asleep but my mind is still awake. I got to the part where I didn't feel my body and I always get scared to continue cause it feels strange , I can't feel my body and I have the feeling that I can see through the darkness of my eyes and I'm floating somehow , I always get too anxious to continue so I move and go to sleep normally.

I think it's amazing what we could create with our minds if we had total control and awareness , it's fascinating thinking about that there could be other "realities" other than the one we are in now. Lucid dreaming can make me paranoid sometimes. Questioning my reality.