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      The vortex

      Ok so i do suffer from insomnia which i take sleeping pills for and never ever had i had a dream like this. I Dreamt i was to Die, i was in this looooong line of people waiting to enter some Colorful and Huge Vortex. Everyone knew what the vortex was leading to, your Death.I was freaking out However i couldnt get out the line,Then it was my turn and i remember being sucked in rapidly seeing mixture of colors then At the End it turned dark thats when I Saw Maybe 100's of spehers pointed at me as i flowed right throw it. Then i awoke but i remember after flowing throw the spehers that i died i felt the impact and was reborn somehow like i could breath again it felt like drowning and being pulled up at your last breath type of feeling. It was Scary and Afraid to dream again. This is real and i really dreamt this.

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      ^^ Interesting dream!

      I notice you've posted this in the "Lucid Experiences" forum; were you lucid at the time of the dream? If so, how did you balance knowing none of this was real with the very real feeling of dread (and perhaps joy at that rebirth) that the dream may have generated? After all, if you knew it was all "just a dream," shouldn't that have made you less afraid of dreaming again?

      If you were not lucid, and simply posted in the wrong forum, then feel free to disregard my questions. And, if you were not lucid, you might consider asking to have your thread moved to the General Dream Discussion forum, where you might get some interesting interpretation or conversation about your amazing experience.

      Oh, and welcome to Dreamviews!

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