My dream today, I didn't tell mom the whole dream, because it was embarrassing, I only told her that this dude was speaking to me in Korean and I didn't understand it, lol! The real dream was of me and my two sisters and our mom, going to a VIP section, with the BTS group members leading us to the VIP section, and it was a bunch of fans screaming for BTS. We went into a building up some stairs, when we got into the building... It was awesome!! It wasn't like a living room but something similar to one and it also had a large staircase in the center. There was people on the first floor, some of the group members greeted their fans, then they took us upstairs to a VIP section, I couldn't quite remember the details of the room but I remember a beautiful wooden floor. One of the BTS group members was holding my hand and he was talking to someone. then he turned to me and started saying something i couldn't understand but my dream self did and I got shy and nervous or something. Then he said some more stuff, then he kissed my nose and I said 고맙습니다 while blushing? After that the dream got weird, everyone disappeared and I had to find whichever group member kissed my nose. So I ran around in some sort of weird maze, then out of nowhere a girl I didn't know was saying something like I'll never find him. Or something like that, so I kept trying to find him and it was a zombie or either a monster I was running away from, then it was closing in on me and my dream ended there. So this dream was embarrassing and long, I wonder if that was because I watched a Korean drama.