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    Thread: Pretty interesting LD last night

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      Pretty interesting LD last night

      Last night I dreamt I was charging batteries in my mom's garage. There were all there blue arcs of electricity and I was getting nervous about shocking myself. I got up to go into the house and as I went through the door I ran smack into myself (like a perfect doppelgänger, even wearing the same clothes). I grabbed him (me?) by the shoulders and as he smiled at me I realized that I was dreaming.

      I started to wake up, so I tried to stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands together and turning around a few times. It was sort of working, but I couldn't see anything. It was like being suspended in grey fog. I lost lucidity and went into a non-lucid dream set in the same scene where I'd become lucid.

      It was really startling running into myself like that. I had never heard about or experienced anything like it before. There's an old thread about running into yourself in a dream, and reading it made it clear that I am not the only one to experience something like it, though.
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      When i get lucid dream i couldn't control my hand i can open my eyes but can't move my body and legs.

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