Hey everyone,

I've been flirting with lucid dreaming off and on for the last seven years or so. I had a few lucid dreams here and there, but nothing consistent or constant. I recently found that one of my biggest mistakes was trying to LD right before bedtime (how could I have been so careless?)

Well, I'm back at it again. Last night, I combined WBTB with WILD. My hopes weren't particularly high, but I decided I would give it a shot.

I set a timer for 5 hours (which would end with the aptly named "On Our Way" from Final Fantasy VII). When I woke up, I stretched and got some water.

Now, here's what has me excited.

I went back to sleep, and after my usual tossing and turning, I finally got myself into a position where I could relax. I focused on my breathing and visualized numbers in my head, keeping my focus.

Eventually, I felt my body drifting to sleep. I began to hallucinate, hearing some very eerie echoes (much like a psychedelic trip would produce) and felt wind blowing against my face. I even felt my hair sway in the wind, it was so realistic!

Awhile after that, I do remember entering a dream. And, I believe, became lucid for a few seconds. Unfortunately, my dream recall is totally shot after such a long hiatus, so it's going to take some practice.

But, after so long with nothing, it seems like I might be onto something. For a first real WILD attempt (as I had previously just used DILD), I'd say this is promising.
Thoughts, anyone? Any simliar stories? The "transition" hallucinations were, at first, alarming -- but I reminded myself that this was normal and just my body falling asleep, and was able to calm myself down and enjoy the ride.