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    Thread: Ok.. so this was blooming awesome.

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      Ok.. so this was super cool.

      I've been practicing ap, and lucid dreaming for some yrs now... Today I experienced my first Lucid dream.
      . I awoke at 06.45 still tired, went back to sleep an hr later for 10 minutes and was awoken by my partner who had come home from shopping with a take out coffee and a baguette. I got up ate the roll drank the coffee and stayed awake for two hrs before getting back into bed as i wanted to be alert for my afternoon shift as a bus driver.
      When i went back to bed i practiced my usual sleep routine of lying prone on my back, eyes closed pointing upward 3rd eye region., then imagine a brilliant White ball of energy in the centre of my head and start passing this through my body gradually getting faster up and down my body. After around 10 minutes found myself in a very vivid dream driving a bus picking up and dropping off in a very confused state unsure of where i was going because everything was off from normal. My ticket machine to my left didnt have the usual time, date, route info on it but instead the display reads... day 1... 2 hrs... Im looking at it very confused thinking shit i must be 2hrs late, next thing i know i drive the bus down a one way st it's a dead end of which I was stuck and couldnt get out.... (alot like real life really) I'd had enough of this feeling of confusion and panic and start realising that I'm dreaming so I just dump the nightmare and am immediately transported into a living room with 80s style decor and right away become aware of the fact that i am awake in my dream. I look down to my right and theres this bald indian looking guy sat on the shag pile carpet with his back resting on sofa playing a guitar and singing in an idiotic way, to his right theres a black woman sat in an armchair pissing herself laughing at this guy. There's also another man laughing across the room laughing, they are all dressed up like they've e just got in after a night out and are all pissed having a laugh.. They cant see me stood in the middle of the room. I think to myself im gonna have some fun with you guys. I walk across the room to a little brown glass ashtray on a little table and wonder if i can move it like Sam Wheat off the movie Ghost, turns out I can
      . I smack it onto the floor and the lady in the chair shrieks, the guy jumps up wondering what the hell just happened, it was so funny I then run over to the dining table and wack the ladies black leather hand bag off the table spilling the contents all over the floor they are hysterical screaming and im laughing like a fool.. All of a sudden things change I'm aware of being face down in my pillow, the pillow opens up into this cinema size screen showing images of cans of pop im looking at it amazed thinking WTF is this all about cherry coke, lilt, tango like 10 flicking by a second I found it very entertaining trying to catch the Cherry Coke pic as it zoomed by. After about a minute or so i decide to try the astral projection roll out technique They say that once you are in the state of mind awake body asleep to try to roll over apparently this way the you can leave your body so I roll over to my right but nothing happened I lied there for a moment and decide to get up. I go downstairs and tell my partner that i just had the most amazing lucid dream and tell her about it but shes not happy and lectured me on the dangers of possession and that apparently there was a documentary on a few nights previous based on the movie insidious of which they wanted banned, i follow her upstairs where we are still talking and I start thinking is it possible i could still be dreaming and ithen with that I start feeling heavy, and a bit confused.. I WAS STILL DREAMING, I woke for real to reality and i really couldnt tell the difference.. I gave my arm a pinch.
      This was by far the coolest experience I've ever encountered.. I had to write it down here. I cant wait to try it again i wish id tried to fly given the chance thats what il be aiming for next.
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      Congrats! That is super funny how you teased the dream characters.

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