I wake up naturally in the middle of the night and I find myself in that "in between" state where I am awake, but still have light sleep paralysis. I imagine myself spinning on a pinwheel from head to toe, and as I'm imagining this, I begin to feel intense vibrations. I think this is the "transitioning phase", and as it's happening, my right foot feels like it's dangling from the bed even though it's not even close to the corner of my bed. I worry about it ruining my chances of a lucid dream, but in hindsight, it seemed like a sort of indirect "anchor" to stay lucid during the transition because after that, I'm in my room, but immediately know it's a dream.
Unfortunately, I skipped the reality check and went straight ahead with the stabilization. I rubbed my hands together very quickly though, without really feeling the touch of them together. I also shouted "CLARITY NOW", but my voice was very weak and scratchy. Also, I still had worries about waking up my parents, even though I knew it was a dream. I try to blast fire from my fingertips like Azula from Avatar The Last Airbender, but nothing happened. In hindsight, I should've visualized myself doing it as I did the motions, but I just did the action without any dream control method. I also tried turning on the light with the switch on a wall, but it didn't turn on and I tried turning it on by pointing at the light and saying "You will turn on!". Didn't work though, I was just so confused and stood there for a few seconds before the dream ends. As everything goes to black, I say in a fading, cheesy voice "NOOOOO! DON'T GOOooooo".

That's that. The whole dream felt like 4 minutes. Any suggestions on how I should approach stabilization? I think I understand what I did wrong, it's hard to act in the moment if you don't plan every step.