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    Thread: Meeting the subconscious

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      Meeting the subconscious

      This... isn't an experience so much as an idea, but... I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing!

      So! I've been lucid dreaming for a while now, and aside from the regular dream goals (flying, teleporting, transforming, etc) I had trouble thinking of interesting, unique things to do in a dream. Then I started watching this series on Youtube (which I highly recommend, by the way) called the Sanders Sides series.

      It sort of revitalized by determination to have a lucid dream, because it gave me an idea. In the series, the main character Thomas talks to the different aspects of his personality, his "sides." As a fun activity one day, when I had nothing better to do, I designed my own sides and then I realized: I could meet them, in a lucid dream!

      I figured that would be a pretty cool experience, even if you don't want the series. Meeting the pieces of your own personality your imagination, your happiness, your anger, etc could be an amazing thing to do. So I figured I'd share; maybe this'll inspire someone else?

      ((plus, there's never a bad time to promote the Sides series. Seriously, go watch it, it's amazing)

      Anyway! That's it. Just thought I'd share.

      Sweet Dreams!
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      I have met my subconscious in my dreams, but it was just one character. It looked a bit like me, but just more androgynous and skinnier. I actually met it by accident, didn't really realise who that was until later.

      I was trying to spawn a "dream guide" to help me with my dreams, and I wanted it to be this really hot girl that I met earlier (who I was also hoping to sleep with at some point) but when I tried to spawn her, this character who looked a bit like me appeared. I thought "oh well, close enough" but it wouldn't let me touch it at all, and then threw me against the wall and I woke up.

      At first I was really annoyed at this "inaccurate clone" but then in a later dream I spoke to it and it turned out to be a representation of my subconscious. We kinda became friends and after that I have found dream control much easier, as if I was working with my mind and not against it. It was a cool experience, definitely my favourite dream character that I have met.

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      I've talked to my subconscious in a lucid dream, but only as an invisible being not manifested as a character.
      I always get cryptic advice to mull over for next few years...
      My dream guide ( a separate character) physically manifests himself. He helps in more practical ways and he is more informal.

      Enjoy the depths of the subconscious!
      Follow my blog Dreamstasia and learn about lucidity!

      Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.

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